Here’s A Photo Of Rocco Steele That He Does Not Want You To See

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This morning, Str8UpGayPorn received an email/press release from bareback gay porn studio Hot Desert Knights announcing their new movie with horse-hung daddy Rocco Steele. Here’s the email:

Hot Desert Knights announced the exclusive online download of Bareback Perpetrators at, exploiting the huge horse hung penis of Rocco Steele. We were able to secure a rare interview with the 10” inch top about his first experience filming for Hot Desert Knights. The video is available to promote through the affiliate program, and attached are some promo photos from the video. We hope you can use this interview to help you promote this steaming hot video that is a must see for any fans of big dicks and bareback!

The interview isn’t worth posting in its entirety, but here is one question and answer from Rocco Steele that’s relevant to what happened later this afternoon:

Q. Do you have any advice for others who may be thinking about getting into the industry?

A. The advice I would give is make sure you have three things: good pics, persistence and thick skin. You need good pics to apply to all the studios, pics that are representative of what you look like today. Second, you need to be persistent with all the studios, and if you haven’t heard back – keep following up with updated pics. And finally, you need thick skin because this is not an easy industry to be in.

Five hours later, Str8UpGayPorn received a second email from Hot Desert Knights. Here it is:

IMPORTANT:  Rocco Steele has contacted us and said he does not want Photo number 5 (Rocco_Steele5.jpg) used for any promotional purposes because he does not like the angle of the picture. Unfortunately, we’ve had to also delete that photo from our member’s area and in order to keep him happy, we would have to DMCA any website which uses that photo.

Thanks to these annoying and threatening emails (about content I had no intention of posting in the first place!) from Hot Desert Knights, “Rocco_Steele5.jpg” is suddenly newsworthy.

So, here’s the photo:


Rocco_Steele5.jpg looks perfectly fine to me (for a Hot Desert Knights photo, at least), but maybe Rocco Steele should take some of his own advice and get some thicker skin.

If Hot Desert Knights actually sends me a DMCA to remove this photo, I’ll post that, too.


  • sxg

    So is this what you were talking about on Twitter??? I thought it was going to be juicier gossip!

    But you’re right this is a fucking hot pic! The only thing I can think that he doesn’t like about this pic is the way his ass looks. But so fucking what??? With that dick no one has really thought much about his ass!

    • Two Cents

      I could give a flying you know what about dick size and I really like them to be of average size. A half inch less than average has gotten me off just fine. When I look at him it is about his entire package (pun intended). He is just a very handsome dude period. I kills me every time to see some of the most gorgeous guys in the world (and there are sooooooooo many more in the world than what porn makes you think) suffer from feelings of imperfection or have thin skin. I think that he is so handsome that he could have his same butt and less than half of his dick size and I would still think he is just a very handsome dude period. Oh, and Scott Cullens, I am completely convinced that he had work done along with being kinda short and squat, which helps. He is like Diego Lauzen, it looks proportionate so it does not bother you right off.

      • Rob Ashcroft

        I would love to see Rocco fuck Diego. Diego’s ass is fucking perfection… Is it fake?

        • Two Cents

          Yeah, it’s real fake but most don’t care.

  • Johnny

    I guess there’s such a thing as gluteal wasting.

    • Istanballu

      Gee, man, for as much as you like to make AIDS jokes, why don’t you just go prop your legs in the stirrups at a hospice and wait for the cum?

    • Brain wasting too, yours!

  • Nickolas

    That dick is unreal. That’s all I came in here to say.

  • Rico Ruiz

    With the sight of that beautiful dick that can cause one to salivate, who cares what his ass looks like!

  • Todd

    Fan of Rocco Steele and his big piece …. but to be honest, until I got to the end of the post, I really thought the issue was with one (or both) of the top two pics.
    Rocco’s dick is unreal …but in those two pics, it really LOOKS UNREAL …. with what he is wearing, it looks like a strap on.
    I have no doubt it is real, even though I’ve never seen it live and in person.
    Onscreen he’s completely a top, so I guess he’s assconscious.

    • Istanballu

      Lol, ikr? That second pic is a bad photoshopped cucumber. It looks so heavy and massive it’s about to tip him over

      • moondoggy

        Agreed. “You might be an idiot if …” you think Rocco Steele’s dick needs to be photoshopped. But HDK has always been the shittiest company out there, so it doesn’t surprise me that they would take that piece of penile majesty and fuck it up.

    • Porn Star

      His dick is 100% real!! It was the most challenging bottom scene I’ve ever filmed. Pics NEVER do that thing justice.

      • Todd

        We call that ‘humble bragging’ 😉

        • His cock does share some resemblance with your large higher end didldos due to the way he is cut and how the skin looks when he is hard and lubed up but it is all real, I don’t doubt that.

  • Casey Scott

    Definitely the unflattering angle; his ass looks better in action and in other pics for sure.

  • Spencer87

    I didn’t even know HDK was still making shitty porn.

    • porn is consumer based…HDK was one of the first studios to go bareback and there are many people who LOVE what they are dishing out and cramming in…

  • Michael

    I thought this was gonna be a pic of him fucking a woman. At least that’s what I was hoping for…..not a bad angle of his ass.

  • McM.

    I would have guessed it’s because the angle makes the more muscular guy on bottom appear physically dominate.

  • Alan Keddie

    Uh. Who dat?

  • Jonny

    Rocco’s ass looks fine to me. I’d stick my dick in it, if he wasn’t so bent on being a top.

  • Cosmic

    Are all the guys who do bb porn already poz?

    • Why is it any of your business to begin with? And for the record no, some are on PrEP.

      • Cosmic

        It was just a question and be honest,if a guy is taking raw loads on camera and in real life it’s not a huge leap to think that it’s because he has nothing left to lose.

        • It is just a question but is it relevant when your a viewer of porn not an actual sex partner of him? I doubt guys go into porn so that they can have thier HIV status discussed by strangers. So it just seems rather inappropriate a question to begin with.

          • Cosmic

            Well I’m sure I’m far from the only person to ask/wonder, whether or not you find it an appropriate question.

          • No your not the first to ask but that still does not make it anything other than a stupid question that I doubt you would want asked if the tables were turned.

          • Rob Ashcroft

            I think that was a reasonable question to be honest. Guys who are prepared to do bareback porn should be prepared to have their status discussed… In my opinion of course. Feel free to disagree (I know I’m very late with this)

          • To me discussing someone’s status when I don’t know them at all, won’t be having sex with them either amounts to gossiping about someone else’s health and I think it’s just tacky and I wouldn’t want strangers talking about my health/ HIV status so I would imagine porn stars feel the same way. Doing bareback porn doesn’t give the viewers the right to gossip about the HIV status of the stars. And doing so seems rather pointless since it’s purely entertainment not real physical interaction in person. Now if a star escorts and your planning to hire them then discussing their status is totally appropriate.

  • Everyone feels self-conscious when they put on a hat. No biggie.

    • Odetofear

      that made me spit out my coffee. I always think i look bad in hats. lmao.

  • Ronan

    He looks perfectly fine in the pic, so I’m not sure what he’s so paranoid about. HOWEVER, I’m 100% confident if the request had come from Sean Cody, Zach would’ve complied.

    • zach

      Sean Cody would never send out a photo in an email and then threaten bloggers with another email five hours later.

  • Hmm is he having a Barbara Streisand I am only to be photographed from the left side moment?

  • asby

    Its the old man ass….but lets be serious ……who is watching his scenes for his ass?

    • Phraughy

      Since working with his personal trainer Rocco has turned back the clock on his ass. It looks good now. That pic shamed him into focusing on exercises to firm it up. He is 52