Here’s Another Video From That Horse-Hung Fireman—And This One’s 20 Minutes Long!

Posted August 4, 2015 by with 34 comments


I normally don’t care about amateur solo jerk off videos on tube sites, but there’s something about this guy, who has the screen name “DrakeB55” on Pornhub.

Oh, and it looks like some of you were right about him being in a fire truck and not in a train in his previous video. This big-dicked straight guy is clearly a fireman, as he had another jerk off video where he busted a nut while sitting on a fire truck (it’s since been deleted, but you can see thumbnails of it in the cached page if you roll your cursor along the scrub bar), and it looks like he’s wearing some sort of fireman t-shirt in the jerk off video below.

Are these videos like 10 years old, or is he just filming them on a really shitty camera? Either way, keep making more, you horse-hung hero!


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