Here’s Brent Corrigan’s New Rentboy Ad

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You read his lengthy explanation about why he chose to start escorting, and now comes Brent Corrigan’s new Rentboy ad.

Two quick reminders: One, he’s not doing this to support himself (he has “other means”), and two, for the love of God, please don’t make Brent Corrigan listen to you breathe.

Brent Corrigan Male Escort in Los Angeles 2014-08-09 14-16-04[Rentboy]

  • Hi Presley

    Damn. Some really old pics on there

    • Alan

      He may be ‘new’ to Rentboy, but he knows all the old Rentboy tricks…

      • JJ24

        Sorry old rent boy tricks are professional Brent isn’t, the boy books clients then “goes to the bathroom” and never returns if he isn’t in to them.

        • Benjam

          Where’d you get this from?

          • JJ24

            An interview he did about escorting and how if he wasn’t into the person physically or emotionally he’d make an excuse and leave.


            Third paragraph from the bottom. “As harsh as it sounds, if I meet a client and I know that it would be a struggle for me to enjoy my time with them; unfortunately I will politely excuse myself and take my leave.”

          • 1RealityCheck

            Hopefully not take their money too. I couldn’t escort and be with people that turned me off greatly

          • JJ24

            Neither could I which is why I won’t do it, because I couldn’t be professional about it.

  • Dazzer

    I know this sounds weird, but I’m part of the gay 1%.

    I’ve never actually seen a Brent Corrigan fuck vid. But I’ve seen Sean Paul Lockhart indie films. He’s a really good actor. I know this isn’t the prevailing view among his gay porn fans, but that kid can really work his way round a script.He’s a seriously good young actor – obviously he could improve – but nothing defines him at the moment.

    But sex work isn’t the be all and end all of him as a person. Nobel Laureate Maya Angelou was an unashamed big ol’ whore who became a brothel keeper. Whether you like him or not, Rupert Everett was an unashamed rent boy who has won numerous acting and writing awards. Albert Camus, a much revered French writer and goalie in the French soccer trenches also served time on the front line of sex work.

    A history of sex work is not, in itself, the defining aspect of the nature of that human being.

    As I’ve been writing this I’ve been asking myself whether – if I were in the US – would I hire him for the night. And the chances are that I would. But it wouldn’t be to have sex with him, it’d just to get dunk with him and shoot the breeze.

    And Zach, I know your next post about him is going to be ‘The New Maya Angelou fucks Johnny V (or whoever)’ and I’m just going to look at you and sigh. Sire,.Deeply sigh..

    Give the kid some space, Zach, I know you don’t think he deserves it, but even so he’s still young and needs to grow up.

    • Spongey

      Oh but Zach loves to take the piss out of people, especially Prima Donnas like Brent. I’m not always in agreement with the hate spewed Brent’s way, but that ego needs deflating now & then.

    • sxg

      The only way girl will ever get space is if he actually shows that he’s looking for it. He left porn to do “legitimate” acting and yet still continued to do strip shows and still continued to escort and do porn appearances. He clearly showed no signs of ever leaving the porn industry, so it’s only fitting that he comes running back to it.

      • Dazzer

        Yeah, you’re right. I just don’t want you to be right.James Deen was the only redeeming feature of The Canyons, and I know an indie film producer who worked with Lockhart and said he was one of the most professional people on set – he turned up on time, he knew his lines and he was willing and able to take direction – while still being able to offer his creative response to the script.

        You are right, sxg. Just this once, though, I’d have liked for you to b wrong.

    • Gezellig8675309

      Dazzer, I agree, more-or-less, with most of your post. But, I am offering a friendly fact correction: Mayou Angelou was not a Nobel Laureate. She had many well-deserved honors and nominations, but the Nobel was not among them. And, I truly hope that you are not even remotely attempting to put Sean/Brent into comparison with Angelou, Camus, or even Rupert Everett.

  • sxg
  • Todd

    He is not the new young hot thing ….this boyfriend IS experienced and has been around the block many times. DOUBLE that !!

    Brent hasn’t yet gotten the memo …..they’re paying you to LEAVE. No one wants to hear about your experience getting into that tail as Stan The Merman or your motivation when playing the role as the sociopath in Truth.

    • df

      this is literally the truest thing I have heard all day

  • yaoirabbit

    I’ve said all I had to say on him.

    As for Rentboy, I just visited the site. And how crappy is my city that we have one escort. Just one.

    • sxg

      Not every whore posts their escorting profile on rentboy. There’s also rentmen, and some advertise it on their twitter, or work more discreetly.

      • yaoirabbit

        I’m not going by Rentboy alone. In the past, I also checked RentMen, Men4RentNow, Craigslist, and countless other sites. I’ve done lots of Google Searches and only saw just that one guy. What’s even more shocking is he’s my favorite porn star.

        • sxg

          well if he’s your favorite then why do you need anyone else? lol

          Who is it?

      • 1RealityCheck

        Porn stars constantly tweeting they’re avail for the next 4 hours is quite a turnoff and seems desperate. One guy tweeted that so much, I unfollowed him. I honestly felt sorry for him. Just seemed so pathetic

  • Not a very inviting ad, he sounds like a handful. And I wouldn’t write “dull” and “boring” all in caps if I was him.

  • Jay Maxin

    Personally, if I ever got an escort it would be an illegal that I can hurt lol like that Canadian that showed up on perezhilton lol.. won’t it be fun to play moyle for a day with some local anesthesia