Here’s The Horrendous Sam Smith Duet With Madonna

Posted June 8, 2023 by with 33 comments

This is a piece of toxic and worthless shit unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. Not remotely entertaining or fun. Not even music. Not worth five seconds of your time, let alone two minutes and 36 seconds. It’s an unforgivable stain on Madonna’s catalog, and she should be ashamed. It’s hell on earth, actually, and I hope Madonna is deservedly dragged through the mud for having any part of this nightmare. I would rather be deaf than ever have to listen to this again. Thankfully, this won’t be played anywhere and won’t make it onto any of the music charts, so it should be dead, buried and forgotten soon, much like Madonna’s career will be if she keeps making horrid mistakes like this.

Her recent cameo appearance in “Popular” from The Weeknd was at least decent, although the song is mostly boring and forgettable, and she’s only there for a few seconds: