Here’s The Makeup Of The Entire Trump Jury Now Seated

Posted April 18, 2024 by with 3 comments

They still need to select five alternates tomorrow, and assuming that happens, opening statements and even the first witness could be called on Monday. A conviction by Memorial Day? It’s possible!

Note that prosecutors aren’t revealing their witness list due to how Trump attacks everyone on social media, which is hilarious given that his self-destructive petulance continues to only hurt himself, making it even harder for his attorneys to do their jobs. Here’s the recap of the 12 jurors now seated:

We may or may not ever know who any of the jurors are, but I would bet that at least some of them (if they’re smart) will capitalize on what they did once the trial is over, with media interviews, paid appearances, book deals, and more. These 12 people are a major part of American history and no one will ever be able to replicate the roles they’ve played. Well, at least not until we get to the Florida jurors in Trump’s hoarding of classified documents case. Oh, and then there’s the jurors in Trump’s D.C. election subversion case. And then, of course, the jurors in Trump’s Georgia election interference and racketeering case. But still! The NYC jurors can always say they were first to convict.

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