Here’s What Michael Lucas’ Face Looks Like Without Photoshop

Posted March 26, 2014 by with 23 comments

BjWb2sSIgAAmKGh.jpg_largeWhere’s Adobe when you need them!?

Michael Lucas wasn’t supposed to be at the Hookies last week (I was told he’d be filming content in Berlin), so imagine my surprise (and horror) when he walked right by me in the VIP lounge! The rumored soon-to-be divorced Russian immigrant turned bareback gay porn star shot me a menacing, night terror-inducing glare before quickly slithering into a booth, so I wasn’t about to try and get a picture of him. Thankfully, someone got this photo of him with hottie Marc MacNamara and the amazing mr. Pam, both of whom wisely quit directing for Lucas in recent years.

In a word: Yikes.

BjWb2sSIgAAmKGh.jpg_large(via Twitter)

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