Hitler-Loving Republican Who Said Gays Are Maggots Wins North Carolina Gubernatorial Primary

Posted March 6, 2024 by with 6 comments

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, a complete brain dead lunatic, won the North Carolina gubernatorial primary yesterday, and he’ll face Democratic challenger Josh Stein in November. Via The Guardian:

Robinson, North Carolina’s first Black lieutenant governor, will face Democrat Josh Stein, the state attorney general, in what’s expected to be a close and hotly contested race in November.

Robinson has a history of controversial statements. He has described Covid-19 as a “globalist” conspiracy to destroy Donald Trump. In 2021, he criticized efforts to teach LGBTQ+ issues in sex education, referring to transgender and homosexual people as “filth”. He has also said people who are gay are equivalent to “what the cows leave behind” as well as “maggots” and “flies”.

In 2014, he quoted Hitler on Facebook in a statement about racial pride. He defended the post in a speech last July, saying quoting the Nazi leader doesn’t equate to supporting him.

[The Guardian]

At least he’s openly admitting to being a psychotic fascist who wants you dead. Most Republicans try to hide it or deny it. Of course, those who voted for this psychotic freak are even more evil and want you dead even more than he probably does. There were nearly 700,000 of them who voted for Robinson in North Carolina yesterday. America is a sick, sick place, full of some truly deranged fucks.

Here was Robinson two years ago riling up a crowd of churchgoers by saying trans people are going to hell:

So much hatred and anger. I thought people in church were supposed to be kind and loving? I guess not. The good news is, this guy can barely give a two-minute speech without looking like he’s going to collapse or, better yet, drop dead.

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