Horror: Man’s Penis Allegedly Bitten Off And Eaten By Pet Dog

Posted March 27, 2024 by with 5 comments

[picture of Joe Biden’s dog, “Commander,” which is not the dog involved in the incident described below]

Via DailyMail:

A man suffered a horrifying ordeal in Germany this week when his pet dog ‘about the size of a Jack Russel’ bit off his penis and ate it, police said.

Upon arriving at the property – a single-family home in Herne, north-west Germany, the first responders heard pained groans coming from inside.

At this point, they broke down the door to find the 66-year-old man and his dog.

According to German tabloid Bild, neither the man’s penis or ‘an instrument of the crime‘ has been recovered from the scene so far.

According to officials, the most likely hypothesis being considered is that the dog was the cause of the man’s injuries.

“One hypothesis, of course, is that the dog, which is about the size of a Jack Russell terrier, bit off the penis and ate it. The wound could also be a bite wound.”


The man’s condition is so bad, they had to put him in a coma, and they’ve been unable to question him about what happened. It’s possible that the man went crazy and chopped off his own penis before eating it or flushing it down the toilet. Kind of shady of them to blame the dog, tbh.

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