How Do You Take Your Twinks: With Or Without Condoms?

Posted December 30, 2013 by with 3 comments

twinksSome twinks like to fuck raw, some twinks like to wrap it up. Helix Studios caters to both preferences, and you have to wonder: Do the bareback twinks get paid more? I would hope so, since it’s a higher risk performance.

In the past few days, Helix released two new twink scenes. One has adorable Southern beau Hunter Page wearing a condom, the other has blond bombshell Jessie Montgomery wearing no condom. We know how Hunter and Jessie like to fuck, but which do you prefer to watch?


[Helix Studios: Jessie Montgomery Flip-Fucks Bareback With Matthew Keading]

[Helix Studios: Hunter Page Fucks Luke Allen]


  • sxg

    Helix and NextDoorTwink must have the most overly feminine lesbian-ish looking twinks in gay porn. I wish there were some twinks with depth like Brent Everett during his twink years, or a hairy twink-like like Jimmy Fanz when he first started.

  • Dean

    Bareback obviously! I almost didn’t want to vote in the poll because of the stupid comments after each choice because they don’t factor into my decision.

  • Ramone

    Always BB -especially when its Matthew Keading taking it bare ..