Hundreds Of People Line Up To Be Injected With Illegal “Homemade” Vaccine

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Surprisingly, this happened in Germany, not Florida:

Four men are under investigation for violating German medical laws after dozens of people were injected with an illegal homemade COVID vaccine in the northern German city of Lübeck, police said.

Police said they arrived at the underground vaccination drive, being held at Lübeck airport on Saturday afternoon, following a tipoff. Once there, they found 150 people waiting to be vaccinated in the airport’s check-in hall, and about 80 others gathered in front of the terminal.

While police would not reveal the identities of the men under investigation to VICE World News, German media reported that the man who developed the vaccine was Winfried Stöcker, a Lübeck-based doctor and entrepreneur who has publicly claimed to have developed his own COVID vaccine, and who owns the city’s airport.

Stöcker, who is reported to be 74, is the founder of laboratory diagnostics company Euroimmun, which he reportedly sold for more than €1 billion (about £850 million) four years ago.

He has since made headlines for claiming to have developed his own COVID vaccine, administering it to himself and employees at his laboratory, without approval by the Paul Ehrlich Institute, the German drug regulator.

[Vice: Hundreds of People Queued Up to Be Injected With an Illegal ‘Homemade’ Vaccine]

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