Hungarian President Resigns After Pardoning Man Who Protected Pedophiles

Posted February 11, 2024 by with 3 comments

Sounds like something a Catholic church leader would try to do. Instead, it was the president of fucking Hungary who pardoned a man convicted of protecting pedophiles. News via Reuters:

In addition to protecting pedophiles, the man she pardoned was actually a pedophile himself, who had previously been convicted of raping multiple children. And, big surprise, the pardon came after Pope Francis visited Hungary last April, via BBC:

The controversy which led to the resignations came after the names of 25 people pardoned by Ms Novak in April last year, as part of a visit to Hungary by Pope Francis, were made public by Hungarian media last week.

The BBC also notes that the role of president is largely ceremonial in Hungary (yet she’s still allowed to pardon people?), so there’s no news yet on who might be replacing Novak.