Hunter Biden Indicted AGAIN On New Felony Tax Evasion Charges

Posted December 7, 2023 by with 1 comment

Oh, Hunter! The president’s perpetually troubled son faces nine criminal charges in a new indictment—three felonies and six misdemeanors—for not paying over $1.5 million in taxes, and if convicted, he faces up to 17 years in prison. More details here, and a report above from MSNBC. These new charges are in addition to other tax charges and federal firearms charges filed earlier this year after Hunter broke a law against drug addicts owning guns. This will all of course be used by Republicans to further smear Sleepy Joe (as if he doesn’t have enough problems), who cannot drop out of the 2024 race soon enough. We need a replacement candidate ASAP, and we’ll hopefully have one by April or May.