Husband Of Cop Who Fucked Six Co-Workers Says He’s Sticking By His Wife

Posted January 16, 2023 by with 10 comments

That Tennessee pig who fucked multiple co-workers has one hell of a forgiving husband, and he’s reportedly sticking by his slutty wife. Just how good is this woman’s pussy?! That’s the happy couple above, and here’s an excerpt from the DailyMail story:

Married Maegan Hall performed oral sex on colleagues while on duty, had affairs and proposed threesomes with another officer and his wife and whipped off her bikini top at a ‘girls gone wild’ hot tub party.

The baby-faced siren told her hard-drinking cop clique she was in an open marriage and tried to recruit her sheriff’s deputy husband for swinging sessions.

However, clean-cut Jedidiah Hall, the son of a pastor, ‘wasn’t really on board’ and instead confronted his wife of four years for cheating, according to an internal investigation. can reveal big-hearted Jedidiah, 28, a former state park ranger with a master’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University, is sticking with his wife and trying to work through their problems.

The pair have been sweethearts since their college days, got married in November 2018, and in March of last year bought their first family home in Manchester, 60 miles south of the Music City.

‘I don’t know how he’s doing it, he’s more of a man than I am, but he’s trying to salvage his marriage,’ Jedidiah’s boss, Coffee County Sheriff Chad Partin, told


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