Hustlaball Las Vegas: Red Carpet Gallery

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Before the live performances at last night’s Hustlaball Las Vegas, gay porn stars took to the red carpet for introductions and interviews with Chi Chi LaRue.

IMG_1404Logan Moore and Wesley Woods

IMG_1410Logan Moore, mr. Pam, JP Dubois

IMG_1411Diesel Washington, Chi Chi LaRue, Dallas Steele

IMG_1419Tayte Hanson, Jake Jaxson, Liam Riley, Chi Chi LaRue, Levi Karter, Kody Stewart, and Ricky Roman

IMG_1424Alex Mecum and Chi Chi LaRue

IMG_1433Alex Mecum

IMG_1439mr. Pam, Kyle Kash, Mickey Taylor, Bray Love

IMG_1444Kyle Kash, Brittany Andrews, Bray Love, Mickey Taylor

IMG_1446Dylan James and Chi Chi LaRue

IMG_1468Corbin Fisher’s Connor

IMG_1458Liam Cyber and Austin Wilde

IMG_1453David Rest and Drae Axtell

IMG_1456Drae Axtell, Pablo Hernandez, Trenton Ducati, and David Rest

IMG_1459Brittany Andrews and Liam Riley


  • Al

    I wonder how long before that red carpet turned white…. Or ivory or cream or off white

  • Todd
  • Kevin

    I think this confirms Connor has left CF because i think the other CF models were at a Vegas event hosted by CF.

    • Zachary Sire

      No it doesn’t. The CF party was earlier in the night.

      • Kevin

        Do you you if he has left or was fired by CF, as far as i know Harper has taken over his duties behind the camera and Connor is no longer on the “dean’s” list.

    • Spongey

      Aren’t all those CF boys “straight”? Can someone confirm whether Connor was with some side piece or a new sugar Daddy? I can’t imagine he’d wander in there all alone.

      • Kevin

        I think that most of them are straight. As far as i know Connor has a wife and child, beats me why a married straight guy who no longer is doing gay porn is at such an event.

        • kevin

          he may be involved with the business side (no pun intended). you’d be surprised how many of our favorite gay4payers have kids, not just Kurt Wild. easy money, pays for school, gets you started up in a new business.

    • kevin

      Kellan said he was no longer with the site on a recent cam show.

      • Kevin

        He was with he rest of the models at the party/meet and greet CF had in Vegas this weekend.

  • Scrapple

    It’s always a little sad when hot guys make unfortunate fashion choices.

  • McM.

    Is it really “Red Carpet” when only Chi Chi LaRue and mr. Pam dressed for a red carpet event?

    There has to be another name for when guys walk in front an event banner while in the club.

  • Ben

    No Pics of Zach. meh

    • Spongey

      There’s some floating around I’m sure.

    • jimboivyo


  • Zealot

    What a gala evening! It appears Dame Fashion has decreed that “black”, “tight” and “see-through” are the watch-words for this year’s Hustla Ball red carpet– where once again gay porn’s “glitterati” are dictating style and taste for the masses. Manscaping this year? Yes, please! Yet the boyish smooth body refuses to relent its age-old appeal. And where our drag sistas are concerned, it seems nothing can be too sequined or tight this season. And speaking of “tight” what’s with Ryan Roses’ bar tab? Hahaha– JK Miss Rose. We love you madly, you little cheesy slut you! And WHOSE little black rubber, silver-studded thong with built-in butt plug front sent young boys literally flying to the nearest Fort Troff for their own pair? Why it was Brittany if you didn’t know! But DON’T forget the fishnet stockings or the look just won’t work boys! And inquiring minds want to know: Is Dylan James really that wee? Or is Chi Chi really that statuesque? Oh, it doesn’t matter Dylan. Those tats are really working for you in the best way possible, honestly. It’s a look only you could pull off…DON’T change a one. And for this reporter’s money, Tayte Hanson and Ricky Roman can just stand and smile at us all day long. Killer pearlies men! Just shows the benefits of daily flossing and brushing. Let that be a lesson to you younger gay boys out there. NEVER neglect your dental hygiene. Your teeth are your calling card. And if that silver shiny number worn by Mr. Pam doesn’t send the knock-offs flying off racks at Maurice’s then there just is no fashion God. Gotta run I think I see Adele!

  • Spongey

    Alex Mecum for the win, all you other bitches can go home. LOL! Well, maybe I’ll let CF Connor stay.

  • andrew

    CF Connor still lookin FINE.

  • beariac

    Great pics, but Logan Moore always looks like he’s ready to punch someone.

    • Zachary Sire

      He was one of the nicest guys of the night.

      • beariac

        I can well imagine. (He’s certainly one of the nicest looking)
        It’s just the clenched fist in each pose. I’ll add /s next time for clarity.

    • Myko

      I remember Logan from his dancing days, he had his own dance company – he was always a nice guy.
      Glad he has taken a bit of a back seat from over exposure. At one point he was popping up in every fucking porn scene going.

      • beariac

        You’re lucky to have had the opportunity and I guess he made hay while the sun shone.

        In retrospect, ‘always’ in my comment was misleading as I was only referring to SUGP’s pics and not meaning to imply anything about Logan, so for that I apologize to him and his other fans.

  • C3xxx

    Good to see Mickey and Bray buried the hatchet.

  • iverge

    The last pic of the two girls is the best.

  • Myko

    I guess it wont be long before trailer trash Pablo Hernandez is doing porn. Someone must be still trying to persuade him. Although his “home made” BB slut performances probably means he wouldnt get much dollar nowadays

  • nick

    What’s the budget for this “extravaganza”, about $500 ?

  • kevin

    Connor’s long gone from CF. My guess is if he gets back into the biz it will be behind the camera and mainly straight stuff. Probably retired because he didn’t want to have to explain to his kid what a gay4pay porn star is.