Idaho Residents Camp Out Overnight To Eat The Worst Fast Food In American History

Posted December 14, 2023 by with 6 comments

Only in America do people wait in lines for days so they can deliberately buy something that will kill them. Whether it’s obesity, diabetes, or most likely heart disease, the food at In-N-Out (and virtually all food served at all American restaurants, to be fair) will lead to a painful death, but that’s not stopping the people of Idaho from sleeping in a parking lot overnight so they can be among the first in the state to spend money on the deadly cuisine, which was made famous by a family of California born again Christian Republican freaks, who’ve been putting bible verses on In-N-Out food packaging since the company’s founding in 1948. Here’s a local TV station reporting from the restaurant’s first Idaho location on the eve of its opening this week:

What’s most disturbing about this is that In-N-Out hamburgers are literally the most disgusting, flavorless, and truly horrific burgers in all of fast food. Calling them “bland” would be too generous, as the meat goes down your throat like chunks of wilted construction paper, while the buns will remind you of eating dry air. Even the lettuce and tomatoes (which normally have a little bit of flavor—how could they fuck these up?) are worthless, tasting like crunchy tap water. I suppose people fool themselves into thinking the food is good after they’ve drenched it in ketchup and Thousand Island dressing? Bless their hearts. And don’t even get me started on the french fries. Like sticks of hay sprinkled with salt, these don’t even deserve to be called french fries. They’re a fucking abomination.

Here’s another reporter from the same station covering the drive-thru line and talking to delusional customers about the worst fast food in American history: