Idiotic Out Magazine Is Now Publishing Identical Michael Lucas Op-Eds As Conservative Trash Site Breitbart

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It’s not clear which site he sent this boring trash to first, but both Out Magazine and Breitbart have run an identical op-ed that defends Donald Trump supporters, and it was written by fellow racist Michael Lucas.

The article appeared on the pointless Out (a worthless gay entertainment magazine that’s now best known for glamorizing horrific bigoted clown Milo Yiannopoulos) first, on October 27th. One day later, it was published on conservative rag Breitbart (perhaps not coincidentally, where Milo Yiannopoulos is a frequent contributor).

In the piece, Lucas (or whichever dumb trick he has regurgitating his racist drivel onto his iPad) spends hundreds of words trying to defend a couple of gay Trump supporters who were—rightfully—bullied and insulted online after being profiled in the Wall Street Journal. The opening to the Lucas op-ed, as it appears identically on both sites:

One of the core beliefs of the movement for LGBT equality has always been that anti-gay bullying, especially of young people, must end. And yet, in recent days, thousands of online comments and threats from LGBT people have been directed against two young gay men who expressed their opinions about the current presidential race.

At a Donald Trump rally in Cincinnati on October 13, Wall Street Journal senior producer Jason Bellini interviewed a gay couple who are both supporters of the GOP candidate. Although Bellini initially did not name them, a gay activist later “outed” the duo as 31-year-old Dewey Lainhart and his 22-year-old fiance, Cody Moore. When asked if they were comfortable being affectionate at the rally, Lainhart replied “Yeah. Ain’t nobody saying nuthin’ about us,” and, “I have a lot of gay friends who support Trump.” Lainhart said he works in the steel industry, and is “Tired of the bullshit government. Time for a change. Trump’s the man for it.” Moore added he believes Trump “would bring more jobs to the country.”

That was essentially the entire substance of the interview, which has provoked an astonishing backlash. Hundreds of thousands of online views have led to thousands of comments, most of them furious with Lainhart and Moore, who have been ridiculed as “hillbilly morons” and “rednecks.” In a follow-up report, the couple told Bellini they “have received death threats from gay people warning them not to leave their house or go to any gay clubs. One message to them, they say, told them to drink bleach.”

The full article, which I won’t bore you with here, runs word-for-word the same on both Out and Breitbart, save for one slight difference in one paragraph on Breitbart. The Out version contains a direct mention and link to The Advocate (which, not surprisingly, is owned by the same parent company as Out, Here Media):

And it’s not only individual members of the LGBT community who are denying gays their right to an opposing opinion. Just last week, The Advocate published an opinion piece by someone who concluded that although PayPal founder Peter Thiel has sex with other men, he should not be considered gay, because he’s a Republican who has endorsed Trump. Who is in charge of devising these bizarre litmus tests?

In the Breitbart version, they’ve edited out mention of The Advocate, probably because an alt-right editor didn’t want to inundate their mouth-breathing insane readers with too much gay shit:

And it’s not only individual members of the LGBT community who are denying gays their right to an opposing opinion. Just last week, a leading LGBT magazine published a column by someone who concluded that although PayPal founder Peter Thiel has sex with other men, he should not be considered gay, because he’s a Republican who has endorsed Trump. Who is in charge of devising these bizarre litmus test?

It’s not clear if Breitbart, which has published similarly awful Michael Lucas articles in the past, knew they were publishing an article that was published on a gay site less than a day earlier, and it’s not clear if Out gave a conservative website permission to run what appears to be their content. More than likely, Michael Lucas sent his article to both sites without telling them what he was doing (he’s been accused of fraudulently defecating on other people’s properties before, of course). Either way, pretty fun to see that we’ve now reached a point in gay media where both Out and Breitbart are running the exact same content from the exact same disgraced bigot. I wonder if both sites have already paid him for the same thing?

  • NickDC

    With everything he’s done to demonstrate he has zero credibility, why does the news media still present Michael Lucas as being credible?

    • TK

      Labeling OUT as news media is very generous.

      • Harley

        It make the worst toilet paper. There just nothing else it is good for.

  • Maximus

    Breitbart is where the line should be drawn for freedom of speech. It’s a festering pool of ignorance and hatred that seeks only to compound that ignorance and hatred. Hate speech and political misinformation have tangible deleterious effects upon innocent people. If individuals want to spout slurs and conspiracy theories in the context of private gatherings on private property, then they should have the right to do so. However, purposefully misleading the electorate with biased or inaccurate “news” and creating a virtual breeding ground for prejudice are unacceptable and un-American. Breitbart should be shut down and its editors prosecuted.

  • stephen
  • Jace

    This fuckwit is voting for Trump? The guy whose running mate supports gay conversion therapy, forced funerals for aborted and miscarried babies, who signed a bill (before marriage equality, which he still wants banned) that would have jailed gay couples who sought a marriage license, opposed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and said that the Mathew Shepard hate crimes act advanced a ‘radical social agenda’.

    • WhimsyCotton

      Holy shit, I’ve concentrated my hatred on Trump for so long that I’ve never properly researched his running mate.

      • Dale Bergman

        I am disappointed in the lack of media coverage of Mike Pence’s atrocious policies:

        Pence said he’d like to “send Roe v. Wade to the ash heap of history.”
        Pence signed a 2015 bill permitting Indiana business owners to cite religious beliefs as a reason to refuse service to gay and lesbian customers.
        As Indiana’s governor, Pence slashed Planned Parenthood funding, arguably contributing to one county’s HIV outbreak.
        During his 12 years as a congressman, Pence voted against nearly every piece of environmental legislation.
        Pence voted to bar the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases.
        Pence voted for opening the Atlantic up to offshore oil drilling.
        As a congressman, Pence gave a floor speech advocating the teaching of creationism in public schools.
        Pence wrote an op-ed arguing that “smoking doesn’t kill.”
        Pence has advocated the use of public funds for conversion therapy, a discredited and potentially harmful form of anti-gay therapy.
        Gov. Pence funneled $3.5 million in Indiana’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funds, intended for needy families with children, to crisis pregnancy centers, which counsel women against having abortions.
        Gov. Pence refused to comply with Obama administration rules aimed at reducing prison rape.
        As congressman, Pence voted in favor of a bill that would have allowed for the detention of undocumented immigrants seeking hospital treatment.
        Pence co-sponsored a bill in Congress that would have eliminated automatic citizenship for children born on US soil to undocumented parents.
        Pence was one of 31 governors to oppose the resettlement of Syrian refugees in his state, declaring that state agencies wouldn’t cover the cost of some social services for Syrian refugees. His behavior earned him a strong rebuke from a panel of three federal judges, including one whom Donald Trump put on his Supreme Court nominee short list.

        Tim Kane should have brought all of this up during his debate with Pence instead of consistently bringing up Trump’s taxes. We are all fucked if Donald Trump is our next President.

        • BLACKjHAMMER

          Allow me 2 summarize Pence this way he is such a PUSSY that Donald FUCK U Trump has tried 2 groupe him on numerous occasion LOL !!!

    • Sean

      This is probably th worst thing to me. I could hope for Trumps death or maybe his indictment for criminal fraud in the Trump U case, BUT I have to keep Trump out of jail and alive to avoid Mike Pence. This has been a GOP plot all along to get people to think ‘;well George W wasnt so bad after all, OR maybe get others to think Paul Ryan would be a good candidate
      If Iraq had elections where the guy with the most votes didnt win, the GOP would be up in arms, but not here.

  • Ceecee

    Puke. What a gross bunch of nonsense.

  • WhimsyCotton

    So we can conclude that Michael Lucas is providing Milo with free buffets of dick that can gangbang him raw at his leisure in exchange for some media connections?

    What a mess.

    • edginghours

      Is Milo gay though? I guess we take him at his word, but I’d really like to meet any single man who has ever had sex with him. Spoiler alert: they don’t exist.

      • WhimsyCotton

        He claims he has drug fueled orgies with Black men. Take that as you will.

        • Anthony Hyde

          I remember seeing Milo on a British talk show regarding Islamic extremism years ago before he was famous. He had a middle eastern Muslim boyfriend then. Milo is fake as they come. I don’t believe he even believes half the shit he says. He has become famous and wealthy off being a professional provocateur troll and it’s working well for him.

          • WhimsyCotton

            Oh for sure. That’s what makes me hate him more. He knows he’s purposely hurting his own people, but as long as he’s getting rich off of it, he doesn’t give a fuck.

  • john
  • Dale Bergman
  • pangelboy
  • Marik Ishtar

    O come on, no one deserves to be bullied. The best way to deal with mean-spirited people is to kill them with kindness; it is a slow, painful death. The way God intended.

    • Zachary Sire

      Anyone who goes out of their way to make a public statement to the media about how you support a racist bully deserves every bit of hatred and bullying you receive in return.

      • Marik Ishtar

        I am honored that you would reply to me.
        For me, it isn’t that I don’t hurt people it’s that I want to. Show people the power that two hands and a voice can behold. I believe it is this corruption I fear the most. So I actively deny myself this gratification.

        I would like to thank you for providing a place to discuss gay (or should we call it male-only?) adult entertainment. It’s nice to peak behind the veil and observe what’s behind the photoshop.

  • Zealot

    I find Lucas’ decrying of the so-called intolerance of gay Trump supporters odd and illogical. Hasn’t he demonstrated the exact same intolerance for those in our community who wouldn’t join him in discriminating against Muslims and Palestinians? I fail to understand the difference. He’s just another half-smart hypocrite selling sensationalism…the gay male porn producer version of Ann Coulter. Lucas is a porn whore who shills bareback product with untested and unsafe practices, who trashes other people’s property and supports rounding up Muslims and banning them from our country. How on Earth does that make him relevant to comment on politics? How can he claim any credibility, or speak for this community? Short answer: HE CAN’T.

    And as for the two young rednecks who supported Trump. Not only are they uninformed and stupid, but they don’t realize that what they’ve done has elicited exactly what a young Black man would incur if he were to say, attend a KKK rally then go public with his support of the Grand Wizard. No difference. Why would you think we’d tolerate that in this community? Why do you think people who fought and died for rights like marriage, military service and basic decriminalization of gay sex would NOT get upset when you come out in support of the man and the party who actively seeks to reverse every bit of those gains? These two young men will look back on this soon and realize the sad and ridiculous thing they did.

    My final FUCK YOU goes to Dave Chapelle. I will be actively encouraging NBC and everyone I know to cancel his appearance and boycott the show. He deserves no forum for his idiotic and ridiculous rhetoric. He needs to understand that no one wins in the “My group is more discriminated against than your group” game– which he’s playing. How much discrimination does any one person or group need to experience before it’s considered meaningful and valid? If he thought what he said was funny, it wasn’t. It had no place in a comedy set. But like all those before him, including him and Michael Lucas and the two redneck Trump supporters…you don’t get it. People matter. Your feelings about that don’t. To all of the aforementioned door-stops: Stop making shit up to justify your lack of intelligence, empathy and basic human understanding.

    • Marik Ishtar

      Funny story that no one cares about:
      There was a local chapter of KKK that advertised a community gathering where they invited blacks and gays to attend their meetings. They proposed that opening up their doors would expand their membership and decrease public stigma against their policies. Anyway, my friends and I joked about going just to see what would happen. I mean, they advertised free wine and food! But when we discussed this with others they thought we would only be attacked and humiliated, so we dropped out. I still sorta wanted to go, only because I have that brain disorder that tells me I’ll turn into invincible Chuck Norris if a group of angry (most likely armed) men assault me. But I didn’t want to go in alone, ya know, just in case I needed a side-kick.

      • Zealot

        I care that you chose to take care of yourself and not go alone!

  • Andrew Simpson

    I will never understand gay people who SUPPORT PEOPLE WHO ARE ANTI GAY? WHY? Also, to you Americans on this board GET OUT THERE AND VOTE TOMORROW! I am not American but I sincerely hope you pick the right person to be president of the free world.

    • Zealot

      Sadly it’s called internalized homophobia. It comes out in all sorts of negative ways….this being one. They so want to be like the people who hate us because they don’t like who they are inside. It’s sad. But treatable. But you have to recognize it and call it out and address it.

      • Awe

        Sadly I have queer friends who will vote for him because if Hillay wins she intends to bring Syrian refugees into the country. I know it’s a silly excuse but but…

        • Zealot

          I think that once someone starts trying to justify voting against their own self interests, the argument is lost. If they don’t see what they’re doing, then they likely never will. I don’t need an excuse to vote Democratic this year. They’re the only party that supports my values and beliefs. And they’re the party who will progress us as a society and not pull us further back into hate and fear. No choice for me, really.

        • Maximus

          Yes, women and children fleeing starvation, genocidal rapist religious psychos, and state-sanctioned use of chemical weapons upon civilians are such monumental threats to the American way of life. The expansion of the already considerable wage gap, the rolling back of government assistance and civil liberties, the brutalization of minorities and women, and the loss of all credibility within the international community are all totally worth it if it means keeping those awful refugees out.

          Your friends are bigoted and uninformed.

        • Anthony Hyde

          That’s a stupid viewpoint. They don’t understand that the U.S carefully screens their refugees. Europe didn’t. Which is why they are in the mess they are in.

          And there’s so many gay Syrians that are in desperate need of asylum more than anyone.

  • Andrew Simpson

    Michael Lucas is bizarre I remember a few years ago in Queerty he said black Americans are homophobic. However, gay people clapped back at Michael Lucas POINTING OUT Lucas FLED his former country Russia due to homophobia. Anyone who thinks Eastern European countries are not intolerant of gays need to wake up. Russia is extremely homophobic and for Michael Lucas a Russian gay man to try to attack black Americans on this isssue was wrong. Also, Michael Lucas is a bit weird he criticizes black people yet has no problem banging young black men in his porn videos. I was shocked to learn Lucas is sucking black dick and fucking young black guys.

    • Travis

      Him saying black Americans are homophobic hardly makes him racist. It certainly doesn’t equate him saying that Russia isn’t homophobic. He was simply stating that there is a problem with homophobia in huge portions of the black community WHICH THERE IS & me agreeing with him doesn’t mean I’m saying white homophobia or homophobia in general doesn’t exist. & furthermore him saying this is hardly attacking anyone, he was just stating an honest observation.
      & why are you shocked that he fucks black guys? Because he acknowledges a serious issue about race he’s automatically a racist who hates blacks? I can criticize someone & still want to fuck them/find them attractive. Wow you can really reach.
      I agree with you that Michael Lucas is surely bizarre but nothing you said was an example of it.

    • Anthony Hyde

      Russia is homophobic because it’s a heavily religious, christian country, It’s the same reason why there is so much homophobia in the black community. Barack Obama had to hide his true opinions on gay marriage so he would get elected.

      However, voting Trump is such a stupid, irresponsible thing to do. There’s no defending that however.

  • Maximus

    I want to encourage everyone to vote for Democratic Senate candidates tomorrow. The House has no chance of turning blue this time around, but we might be able to reclaim the Senate. With Democrats in control of the Senate, Hillary will at least be able to get her judicial and cabinet nominees confirmed. If the Republicans retain control of the entire Congress, they will simply continue their policy of obstructionism for at least the next two years.

  • burghboy

    “Lainhart said he works in the steel industry, and is “Tired of the bullshit government. Time for a change. Trump’s the man for it.” Moore added he believes Trump “would bring more jobs to the country.”

    There are a lot of people who want to “blow up government. What I don’t understand is what these people think will replace the government they “blow up”.

    Also, Donald Trump outsourced the manufacturing of his ties,shirts,and suits. How’s that for bringing more jobs to the country.


    To be a gay racist couple and have the likes of RACIST FAGGOT such as Michael Lucas coming 2 your defense must be such a honor and I use the term FAGGOT because it sounds so much more fitting in describing that DEROGATORY BASTARD DUCK FACE Lucas !!!

  • Pinko of the Grange

    So it is okay to bully some one that doesn’t agree with you?

    I am not saying that you can’t try to convince them they are wrong, but threats of harm, that is okay now?

  • Mike Julius