Images Of Couple Who Fucked In MRI Scanner Show How Penis “Bends Like Boomerang”

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At least they didn’t do this in the U.S., since our tax dollars are already wasted on enough worthless bullshit. Via DailyStar:

MRI scans of a heterosexual couple having sex revealed that an erect penis is in fact not rock hard and instead bends like a “boomerang” while getting jiggy.

In the name of science, Ida Sabelis and her boyfriend Jupp decided to get it on inside an MRI scanner so Dutch scientist Menko Victor ‘Pek’ van Andel could understand better what happens inside our bodies during intercourse.

The couple were supposed to have sex in missionary, however as the position did little for Ida, the couple scooted around inside the machine so they could shag while spooning.

The two biggest findings of the experiment were that vaginas aren’t straight and that penises can bend to accommodate a vagina’s natural curve.

The scans of Ida and Jupp having sex – the first of their kind – revealed that an erect penis could fashion itself into the shape of a “boomarang”, which meant it could bend inside to the shape of the woman’s body, without causing any pain to the man.


The study was published years ago, but went viral recently after the images were posted on Chinese spyware platform TikTok. More images and background on the study at the link.

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