Investigation Finds At Least 600 Children Sexually Abused By Baltimore’s Catholic Church

Posted April 5, 2023 by with 1 comment

This is tragic, but it’s even more horrifying when you consider that this is merely one investigation into one state’s Catholic churches. Given all the rape, corruption, and sheer terror they’ve inflicted upon the world for centuries, the Catholic church is easily the most heinous force of evil in history. Via NBC Baltimore:

Maryland’s top prosecutor on Wednesday accused Catholic Church officials in Baltimore of engaging in a yearslong coverup of sexual abuse of at least 600 children, some of whom were “preyed upon by multiple abusers over decades.”

State Attorney General Anthony Brown chronicled the abuse in a 463-page report that named several priests and described their alleged wrongdoing.

“Over 600 children are known to have been abused by the 156 people included in this Report, but the number is likely far higher,” the report found.

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