It Begins: Trump Slams DeSantis Ahead Of Inevitable 2024 Showdown

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Get ready for MAGA vs. MAGA as Trump and DeSantis (and their respective fans, all of whom are brain dead psychopaths) face off ahead of the 2024 election. First, it was dipshit DeSantis a few days ago:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said one of his biggest regrets in office was not speaking out “much louder” in March 2020, when former President Donald Trump advised the nation to stay home to slow the fast-spreading coronavirus. DeSantis, a close ally of Trump, said he was involved in the early days of the White House’s pandemic response and had been offering advice to the President. But he was surprised when Trump made the decision that led to much of the US economy shutting down. “I never thought in February, early March, that (coronavirus) would lead to locking down the country,” the Republican governor told the hosts of the conservative podcast “Ruthless” during an episode recorded Thursday. “I just didn’t. I didn’t think that was on the radar.”

And then it was the orange ghoul today:

Donald Trump is trashing Ron DeSantis in private as an ingrate with a “dull personality” and no realistic chance of beating him in a potential 2024 showdown, according to sources who’ve recently talked to the former president about the Florida governor. The two are among the most popular Republicans in the country, and as the former president eyes another run in 2024, he’s irked by DeSantis’ popularity and refusal to rule out running against him.

“In the context of the 2024 election, he usually gives DeSantis a pop in the nose in the middle of that type of conversation,” said a source who recently spoke to Trump about DeSantis. The source, who shared the private remarks on the condition of anonymity, has heard Trump criticize DeSantis on multiple occasions. The source said Trump makes a point of saying he isn’t worried about the Florida governor as a potential 2024 rival. “He says DeSantis has no personal charisma and has a dull personality,” the source added.

I actually feel dumber just reading back-to-back quotes from them. Ideally, Trump will drop dead sometime over the next two years (he’s looking more grotesque and worse than usual lately), and DeSantis will have to face a likeable Democrat (not Biden—I highly doubt he’ll be running in 2024) whom he can’t beat in a national election.

[Via CNN, Axios]

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