Italian Gynecologist Caught On Camera Offering To Have Sex With Patient To “Cure” Her Of HPV

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Mamma mia!

An Italian doctor known by the nickname “Dr. Magic Flute” was uncovered as a fraud for allegedly offering to have sex with a female patient — to “cure” her of a cancer-causing virus, according to a report.

Dr. Giovanni Miniello, 60, a gynecologist in the southern city of Bari, told the 33-year-old woman she appeared to have human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted bug that can cause cancer, although a Pap smear test was negative, Newsflash reported.

The woman then reached out to the investigative news program “Le lene,” which hired an actress to portray a patient, Newsflash reported.

Miniello told her she had “white spots” on her cervix, which indicated the presence of HPV, and also offered to have sex with her, claiming that he’d give her immunity because he had been vaccinated, the outlet said.

When the actress asked him about protection, the doctor allegedly told her that a condom would not permit her to get the benefit of his antibodies.

But before he thought he was about to have sex with her, a journalist barged in and surprised the half-naked doctor, who reportedly said: “I’m doing this for my studies — and for the other people that I have saved.”

As a result of the TV expose, 15 other women have come forward and claimed they were also victimized by the doctor and his miracle sex cure.

[NY Post: Italian gynecologist allegedly offered to have sex with woman to ‘cure’ virus]

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