Jackie Beat’s “I’m Blowing Boomer” Is Back Online After Being Pulled From YouTube

Posted June 1, 2017 by with 13 comments


Back on May 26th, drag queen Jackie Beat released a music video on YouTube entitled “I’m Blowing Boomer.” It was a cute little song about sucking Boomer Banks’ big cock, and it featured co-stars Boomer Banks (obviously) along with Alaska Thunderfuck.


Because YouTube arbitrarily pulls down videos that have been reported (often by homophobes) for “sexual content”—even when the videos don’t include nudity or sex—”I’m Blowing Boomer” was yanked down less than 48 hours after it was released.


Now, almost a week later, YouTube has realized there’s nothing wrong with the video, and it’s been reinstated. So, ICYMI, here it is once again. It’s catchy!

[YouTube: Jackie Beat]



  • Harley

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t go past 1:30. I’ve never seen someone have to dislocate their jaw several times to get a vibration in her voice.

  • sxg

    What a shame. For once I agreed with Youtube’s decision to pull a video.

  • sxg

    What a shame. For once I agreed with Youtube’s decision to pull a video. Well at least Jackie and Alaska broke the stereotype of drag queens having good taste in men.

    • WhimsyCotton

      Girl, have you seen the stripper competition Alaska judged in the Philippines? Those fuckers were fine AF.

  • DPS

    That video is excruciating. Tossing words together does not a song make. Please don’t DRAG me down your thirsty path.

    • edginghours

      I’m okay with thirsty, but at least make it clever.

  • Zealot

    You know we’re all missing an obvious crossover opportunity here…..for Boomer to start designing for drag performers. They could call it, “I’m Sewing, Boomer!”.

  • Marik Ishtar

    “Okay, so let me get into this quickly. You wanna sing a song about sucking dick and call yourself an artist? You are supposed to elevate the art of drag not slurp down the bottom nub of talent. Thinking you creative cuz you put a porn star in your video poorly lip-syncing to lyrics you wrote while you had one hand on your dick and another holding a blunt. I see you have Alaska in there with you. I don’t hate Alaska; I really don’t have issue with her, but you need to attach yourself to a RuPaul girl to get you some extra clicks, really gurl? You are so supposed to be teaching these young ones not sliding down to their level to stay relevant, bitch. And I don’t know who this Boomer is but he looks musty. The kind where you make sure he showers at your place because you don’t trust him to wash himself. But whatever. I am too old for this and don’t care.”
    -Jasmine Masters

  • Pertinax

    Although I’m not offended I heard the song and judged it obscene. It has the obscenity that we can find in teenagers’ jokes and like in other medias, it once again displays drags ( and/or all LGBTs ) as sex obsessed weirdos that have their lives orbitating around prostitution, prostitutes and porn performers. Another ‘ problem ‘ is with drags themselves : Their ‘ indefinition ‘ as characters that aren’t transvestites, but something between them and clowns and as clowns seem to take all with levity. Not the best ‘ persona ‘ to advance a cause ( The homo cause ) and show the necessary adult’s responsability ( kinda of delusionals ). I really didn’t like it mostly because drags seem to play ‘ ad nauseam ‘ the same old joke. For me they all are ” only one joke ” artists “.

  • Maximus

    Herstory Lesson

    Although they don’t receive the credit that they deserve from mainstream society, drag queens like Jackie Beat and Sherry Vine were actually pioneers in the field of music video spoofs. Bart Baker, whose channel is one of the most popular channels on YouTube, actually does drag in many of his raunchy, savagely critical music video spoofs. Although Bart probably doesn’t realize it, Jackie and Sherry were doing what he does years before he ever put on a wig and picked up a camera.

  • lol – omg i love!! You guys are great. Thanks for the camp. And that dick…jesus gurl! Love you Jackie, Boomer and Alaska!