Sneak Peek: Jacob Ladder Stuns In CockyBoys Shoot With Levi Karter

Posted March 17, 2015 by with 14 comments

jacob1A few of you have already pointed out that rising gay porn star Jacob Ladder would fit in well with CockyBoys, and now that collaboration is actually happening. The even better news? Jacob’s first CockyBoys scene will be with none other than Levi Karter.

Here are a few photos to whet your appetite until the Levi Karter/Jacob Ladder scene is released in the coming days on CockyBoys, and it obviously goes without saying that Jacob Ladder looks better than ever. (And given my obsession with Jacob, it might also go without saying that I am dying/gagging/screaming over how hot he looks here.)


  • NG212

    I thought he’d work well at CockyBoys, and goddamn I was right. Hopefully this scene is a flip.

  • Face Palm

    If there’s ever a gay porn remake of John Waters’s “Cry-Baby,” I think we’ve got our lead.

    • Casey Scott

      Absolutely! That last picture is soooo Johnny Depp!

  • Jace

    Would it kill this guy to smile once in a while, or would that hurt his cheekbones? You’re doing porn, bitch, not the cover of Vogue Men.

    • n24rc

      Yup, he doesn’t have to try so hard.

    • C3xxx

      Perhaps a graduate of the Max Ryder School of Dour? :)

    • andrew

      Nothing would hurt those runway model cheek bones.

  • Spencer87

    I hope this is a flipflop scene.

  • Alan Keddie

    Fuck yeah Jacob Ladder

  • n24rc

    Zach did you two fuck or something? What is with the constant promotion?

    • C3xxx

      Oh come on, Zach is cute when he giggles like a schoolgirl when promoting his latest obsession :)

  • andrew

    For sure Jacob is runway model beautiful but I think Levi is sexier.

  • A L

    i need some of that latin dick in me

  • Ricky

    Jacob Ladder needs to either jerk-off less or drink more water before porn shoots, for a young guy his cumshots are like drips from a broken faucet in the rest room of an abandoned gas station.