Jarec Wentworth Threatens To Quit Men.com If Johnny Rapid’s “Fat Fuck” Manager Isn’t Fired

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It was bound to happen sooner or later, and now that his Men.com contract is winding down, the real Jarec Wentworth is coming out to play. Late Tuesday night, the former Sean Cody model (who had it written into his Men contract that he never bottom) had his first Twitter meltdown, and it was a pretty good one!

The object of his meltdown? Cash Models talent manager Tee Gates, who works very closely with Men.com and Johnny Rapid (as seen above, at last January’s Cybersocket Awards). It’s not clear what (if anything) Gates did, but make no mistake, Miss Wentworth has had it, gurl.


Jarec Wentworth (who should’ve retired over a year ago) even threw out an ultimatum when pressed by fellow porn star Diesel Washington:

jarec3Do it, queen!



  • Diesel Washington

    Can you believe I was being the VOICE OF REASON for once? Me……

    Everybody needs to vent sometimes…


    • sxg

      Just saw your tweets. That’s hilarious! Are you sure you weren’t the one that tipped Zach off? 😉

      • Diesel Washington

        I don’t give Zach tips about Porn stars I like…I like Jarec, off screen he is funny and doesn’t take porn THAT serious. I don’t give Zach tips about Porn stars I don’t like either. I let them FALL on their own face…

        I trash them Myself.

        • Iain Gardener

          Diesel please never stop tweeting/commenting, the world would be a boring place without you

        • Odetofear

          thanks a lot for your input. I’m a fan of Jarek, but in 2 interviews one on video by queermenow and another, i forget where atm maybe here at st8up, he did come off as a bit of a dick, which is upsetting because i do enjoy his scenes and in his behind-the-scenes clips for Sean Cody he did seem like an easy going guy. Since his move from SC to Randyblue and then Men, there’s the rumor he’s burning bridges and being difficult to work with, not by any porn star but by commentators who say they have an inside scoop. Since i don’t really follow porn stars beyond a couple of porn blogs it’s difficult to tell what’s true about a model and made up shit.

          • dave1984

            wat is atm?

          • Odetofear

            sorry, atm is an abbreviation for at-the-moment.

          • dave1984

            thanks cuz I googled “atm” & we know how that ends :)

          • Odetofear


    • Drew Barrymore

      That troll lmao ♥

    • Luca

      I agree… this is hardly a meltdown. Like people here never get frustrated!

  • sxg

    Oh Jarec, you’ll be the one out of work before that guy gets fired. Men is already tired of your prima donna attitude, as was Randy Blue and Sean Cody before they stopped calling you back. After this the only place you’ll have left to go to is at duckface’s studio where you’ll be her personal cumdumpster.

    • Nickolas

      Don’t forget Treasure Island. They’ll accept *anyone* with a box cutter and a lack of self respect.

  • More drama at the gay4pay studio!

  • James Withers

    Twitter meltdowns are so last century.

  • Zoompietro

    Leave it to a straight guy to be the biggest queen at a gay porn studio.

  • Alan Keddie

    FUCK THAT! If Jarec quits, I’ll FUCKING quit watching gay porn!

    • McM.

      Oh please! He is not that good.

  • Hudsonman

    Oh Mary Please! Gay4Pay (whatevz) has big ‘ol Gay BITCH Queen Melt-down. Klassy.

    Every cunty feeling (true or not) that pops in ones’ head isn’t a good idea for “Breaking News!”

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  • Zealot

    GODDAMMIT….I’ve got an ultimatum too! If Ryan Rose doesn’t stop tweeting about North Korea until he can find it on a map without help, I’m going to stop eating squid ink pasta. For ONE WHOLE DING-DANG MONTH! Whew. I feel better now.

  • Donttryit

    I just wish he’d quit that nasty beard.

  • Alan. P. (Hansen)

    That pic of him pulling up sheer socks is wonderful. He could have been an extra back in the day on Petticoat Junction!

  • asby

    Im no fan of Rapid…..but who ever is manager may be….is getting him non stop work!……

  • Colorful Kent

    They should change the name from Men.com to JohnnyRapidandstraightfriends.com