Jed Athens Unleashed: “Zach Shire A Hipster Vampire With AIDS”

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As promised, anal rejuvenation surgery “before” picture and abortion rights poster child Jed Athens has managed to pull a few words from the puddle of maggot feces inside his head and put together the below blog post, which is actually less like a blog post and more like the results of a dead fish flopping around on a keyboard. Come for the grammar and spelling of a lobotomized slug, stay for the non sequiturs of an escaped mental patient!

And even with Google and all my social media profiles, poor Jed still couldn’t get my name right? At least everything else he says is obviously 100% true. Take it away, Jed:

I don’t judge if you have HIV or Aids its non of my business but watching The movie Philadelphia and a few horrible Hipster Vampire movies you get what Zach Shire looks like. So when you look the way he does one should figure out what talents one has if you have any at all! In the case of Zach, he has none.

His blog is actually a joke. He screwing someone at CockyBoys that’s why you’ll never read anything about them on his site other then good things. So how could any one take his blog serious if he is as bias as the probability of a leaf floating in the wind turns end over end.  Plus when I was at HustlaBall chilling out with Mike De Marko chatting with a fan! Zach shows up right in front of me with his bf and the CockyBoys. The only comparison I could come up with was “A Pedophile On His Deathbed At A Candy Store” when your pale to the point you look like you are rotting corpse mixed with a hipster with a stupid pork chop side burn look you got to either run or laugh your ass off.

If you take anything of what Zach copy and pastes and alters serious then your a fool. He doesn’t have any new photos he just uses doctored photos that he gets form online! He just a sad low life that again has to threaten people that he’ll try to destroy their career via his blog unless you sleep with him! Dear Zach’s BF run for your life, staying with him his a fate you’d be better off killing yourself!

Zach did a pathetic attempt to make it seem like I was preforming at Hustle Ball and said when I entered the room a stupid prices right sound was made. The funny thing was that actually happened with him because for the most part Zach is even hated more then me! But the hate that is directed at him is even more so then for me, because at least I am honest with my posts and his are baseless. I am not some ugly jealous person that’s on the side lines trying to be relevant in a industry that rejected him.  So he clawed and scratched his way to a blog, trying to hold onto his dream!

What ever that dream is it probably won’t happen the closest he gotten was screwing a back office boy at CockyBoy “Hey Zach, you are to old and way to ugly to ever be a CockyBoy, plus planning on rapping them you should avoid that too!” So how can you tell someone who has so many known and unknown diseases, one having the side effect of dementia that a bottle of pills is his best road to go down? All he is doing is making him look even more desperate to keep the dream a live! LOL especially when he looks like he on life support himself! That no matter what he say or does I will still have more creditable fact and stories then the ones that he writes about his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Remember Zach you trying to destroy me via your pathetic blog and your even more so sad and dim whitted readership, will never effect me! Unlike you I have a career outside of porn. Oh wait I forgot you do to you just moonlight the porn industry with your sad, sad, sad tempt at a blog you call Str8upgayporn! Honestly you should just call it “My Name Is Zach Shire And This Is What I Do With My Life Since No One Likes Me!

With a list of enemies longer than his floppy asshole lips, no agent or manager, and not even Duckface at Lucas Entertainment willing to hire him, Jed Athens’ “career” is effectively over. And until his brain fully decomposes into toxic waste or he runs out of money to pay his internet bill, blogging is all he’s got, so at least he’s making the most of the time he has left! And while he might not like Str8UpGayPorn, at least he wasn’t as hard on you guys, the “dim whitted readership.”

Also, if anyone knows who the CockyBoys “back office boy” is that I’m fucking, please remind me. All my AIDS dementia must have made me forget. 🙁

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