Joe Biden Announces Reelection Campaign

Posted April 25, 2023 by with 14 comments

I’m not sure what makes me more disappointed: That I was completely wrong about Joe Biden not running for reelection, or that Joe Biden is running for reelection. Either way, I can think of no greater hell than a redo of the 2020 election with Biden vs. Trump, so get ready for 18 months of total exhaustion, humiliating gaffes, empty platitudes, probably another coup attempt, maybe a civil war, and mind-numbing déjà vu, as the octogenarian and the orangutan face off in what will hopefully be the final American election in history. I suppose it’s a fitting end for this country, and who better to represent our collapsing society than two brain dead and decaying old white men? (And spare me your comments about how you think I might vote—there is no greater scum on earth than Trump, which unfortunately forces me to play along and vote for Biden in 2024, even though casting a vote for him, as I did in 2020, makes me feel literally insane.)

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