Joe Biden Shows More Anger Towards College Students Protesting Genocide Than He Does Israel, Who’s Committing The Genocide

Posted May 2, 2024 by with 16 comments

The college protests against Israel’s mass murder of innocent people in Gaza (which you and I pay for with our tax dollars) have been a moral light in this doomed country, and here’s Joe Biden, saying the protests need to stop, and that none of the protesting has made him reconsider his support of Israel. Via AP:

President Joe Biden on Thursday rejected calls from student protesters to change his approach to the war in Gaza while insisting that “order must prevail” as college campuses across the country face a wave of violence, outrage and fear. “Dissent is essential for democracy,” Biden said at the White House. “But dissent must never lead to disorder.”

And video:

I was never excited about having to vote for this worthless corpse again, but at least now I have no qualms about staying home and watching him lose. What a relief. This old ghoul is fuckin’ cooked.

A vote for geriatric Joe Biden or deranged Donald Trump is a vote for genocide and fascism, and our best hope right now is that they both drop dead before November.

Here is a devastating report on just one of the recent atrocities committed by Israel, in which they murdered 11 children at a refugee camp last month. Again, we helped pay for Israel to kill these 11 children with our tax dollars, and a vote for Joe Biden endorses their murders.

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