Joey Mills Condemns Israeli Government For Bombing Gaza And Killing Innocent Palestinians

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In the video above posted to his TikTok (and later his Twitter, as seen below), Joey Mills rightly condemns the Israeli government for its war on Gaza, killing thousands of innocent Palestinian children and civilians over just the last week. As usual, Mills doesn’t miss.

It’s kind of insane that it might be considered “controversial” or anything other than rational to speak out against the murder of innocent people, but the Israeli government and their allies in mainstream media have done a remarkable job of brainwashing some into believing that support for freeing the Palestinian people—who’ve been living in an open-air prison in Gaza and the West Bank thanks to Israel’s illegal occupation for over 50 years—is somehow the same as supporting the terrorist group Hamas. It’s not. Both Hamas and the IDF must be condemned for slaughtering innocent Palestinians and Israelis.

Joey Mills received mostly overwhelming support after posting his video, but there were some who replied angrily, apparently unable to deal with reality. Some of those replies and Mills’ responses, including one more video:

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