Joran van der Sloot Confesses To Murdering Natalee Holloway By Bashing Her Head In With A Cinder Block

Posted October 19, 2023 by with 5 comments

I feel like this story has been going on for my entire life? Well, it’s over now, as Dutch serial killer Joran van der Sloot was in court yesterday and finally confessed to killing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway in Aruba. He took a plea deal, so in exchange for confessing to the murder, he was only convicted of extortion and wire fraud (he tried to get $250,000 out of the dead girl’s mother), for which he was sentenced to just 20 years in prison. But, that 20 years is being served concurrently with a 28-year sentence he’s currently serving in Peru for another girl he murdered down there, so he won’t spend any time in prison in the U.S. Once the 28-year term is done, he’ll then spend an additional 18 years in prison in Peru for trafficking cocaine in prison. But wait, there’s more! He’ll actually be released in 2045, about 13 years early, because of a Peruvian law that prohibits prison sentences from exceeding 35 years when the prisoner hasn’t been sentenced to life imprisonment. Report above via Inside Edition, and there’s a complete summary of his insane crimes and prison terms here.