Josh Moore, Sister Roma, Leo Forte, And Ricky Larkin Clash Over Exclusion Of Director mr. Pam From “Scared Stiff 2” Release Party

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EF0qZtgXUAsvgvsNakedSword’s upcoming feature Scared Stiff 2 will be out in a little over a week, and to celebrate the highly-anticipated sequel, the studio is throwing a release party later this month at a Hamburger Mary’s in San Francisco. The release party news was announced late Friday night by Michael Youens, a graphic designer and longtime friend of NakedSword’s Sister Roma:

IMG_8316Oddly, that tweet (which has since been deleted, and which incorrectly called the movie “Scared Still,” which actually kind of works) made mention of the movie’s co-director Chi Chi LaRue (and the movie’s screenwriter Jackie Beat), but it didn’t mention the movie’s other co-director, mr. Pam. One of the movie’s stars, gay porn star Josh Moore, noticed mr. Pam’s absence, and he replied to the tweet reminding Youens (and everyone else tagged in the tweet) of this fact:

jm1From there, things got a little heated and a little feisty, as Twitter wars often do, starting with Sister Roma accusing Josh Moore of making “ridiculous assumptions”:

jm2Gay porn star Ricky Larkin (who’s on location in Oklahoma shooting a new NakedSword feature with Moore and mr. Pam right now) joined in, too:

jm3 jm4

Then, Josh Moore accused Roma of being a “shady bitch,” which I would actually take as a compliment, tbh:


Roma was seemingly in disbelief that Moore would speak to her this way:

jm6But, Moore confirmed that he was in fact speaking to Roma:


Next up, Larkin chimed back in, and production assistant Leo Forte (who worked on Scared Stiff 2) weighed in with his opinion, too:

jm5a jm9

Sister Roma then told Leo Forte to “go to bed”:

jm10The interesting thing about this Twitter war is that all of the participants are co-workers at Naked Raging Hot Falcon, so things might be a bit awkwaaaaard come Monday morning in the office. (Moore and Larkin are exclusives at the studio, Roma is in senior management, Forte works in production, and Pam, who remained silent during the exchange, is the studio’s main director and production manager.)

Regardless of why mr. Pam wasn’t mentioned as the co-director in the tweet (it could just be a harmless mistake), it’s never been clear to me why Naked Raging Hot Falcon has repeatedly put Chi Chi LaRue as a “co-director” on several of their features, especially when the award-winning directors already working for Naked Raging Hot Falcon (mr. Pam, Tony DiMarco) are more than qualified and obviously fully capable of directing movies by themselves, which they in fact do all the time. Also, Chi Chi LaRue is the lead director at Icon Male/Noir Male—a completely different company—so why is she taking these side gigs at other studios? With that massive copyright lawsuit against Icon Male and its parent company Mile High Media still pending and the studio’s future in jeopardy, maybe LaRue is just planning ahead and keeping all her options open.

Scared Stiff 2 debuts on NakedSword on October 16th, and here are a few cast photos taken over the summer, featuring leads Calvin Banks and Dante Colle, Josh Moore, Cade Maddox, Brock Banks, Link Parker, Adam Ramzi, and more:

scared-stiff-gay-porn-calvin-banks-dante-colle-cade-maddox-josh-moore-adam-ramzi-14 scared-stiff-gay-porn-calvin-banks-dante-colle-cade-maddox-josh-moore-adam-ramzi-6 IMG_7989 scared-stiff-gay-porn-calvin-banks-dante-colle-cade-maddox-josh-moore-adam-ramzi-1

  • OverKill
    Shows me that social media is nothing more than a platform for people to get bitchy over the smallest of things. Things that can be easily resolved.

    • FrenchBug

      I suspect though that there is something else going on here other than a simple Tweet.

    • Ed Woody

      Yeah I’m going with this interpretation too. A simple oversight at first – the spelling mistake of the very title they’re promoting demonstrates they weren’t paying that much attention. But then the gays being the gays, they blew it up out of all recognition with their love for drama until there’ll probably be firings and blacklists by next weekend.

    • And I can’t believe I read through them…. should’ve found something better to waste my time on.

  • FrenchBug

    Interesting: it feels that it is an open secret why CCLR is consistently flanked by another director wherever they are hired these days (I sure wonder why as I don’t know the story but we know there is a story) but I never thought of it from the other side.
    It does beggar belief; it is not like studios have money to throw around on TWO directors, both of whom high-profile enough that they can’t be that cheap.
    So, yeah, it is all very mysterious.

    • sxg

      Perhaps they split the work on a film between the 2 directors? One of them does half of the scenes while the other does the other half? It would certainly help in producing a film faster

  • B.C.

    That escalated quickly over nothing. “Go to bed” seems most reasonable.

  • Badbike

    Roma was out of pocket. Leo came in and tried to give a calm, level headed response and she reacted like a child.

  • Typical gay cat fight on twitter.

  • Tempest

    Ah, Ms.Larkin joining a tweet fight because she’s that much irrelevant and insecure that can’t allow the gays to steal all the spotlight from her. Also imagine arguing about a party based on a “movie” nobody really cares about, and they insist on being a family? There’s more to that than a silly tweet. Go to bed made me chuckle tbh.

  • Scrapple

    1. You would think a graphic designer would be able to spell a movie title correctly.

    2. “This is one tweet that would have hardly been seen.” Shade.

    3. Chi Chi is a side gig and has been for years.

    4. Wasn’t mr. Pam involved in that whole conversation about how there’s nothing wrong with models having racial preferences? If so, then her being ignored and having her value diminished and disregarded feels like karma.

    5. This is gay porn. Even if Pam wasn’t available to come, who doesn’t love an @? If even one of those models listed on the poster isn’t going to the release, then Roma’s “Pam’s not on it because she’s busy” line is a sorry excuse for calculated bitchiness.

    6. Josh is an attention whore. If he felt mr. Pam was slighted, a more sensible tweet would’ve involved not using a handclap icon and an exclamation mark. He wanted to cause drama.

    7. Ricky is also an attention whore and got involved for the same reason.

    8. Leo is the only one involved who showed class and professionalism.

    9. Release parties for gay porn movies are still a thing? What year is this? Studios generally don’t release a full movie at once, choosing to release one scene over the course of several days or weeks. This just seems like an excuse for self-promotion and partying.

    • Tempest

      This is why I think there’s something else going on. I never believe these hoes when they claim to be a “family” and how happy they are, then proceeding to have a meltdown over a tweet. All of this seems weird, I don’t think these people are working in a safe, happy environment and are liars. We’ve suspected as such for years, but Woods legit crying in the middle of a scene (then again it’s Davey Wavey, I’d cry too if I worked for him) because he let go of his emotions ever since he got beat by some straight dudes, every report of ML, and now this argument only reinforce those thoughts, but you gotta open your wallet and these people will forget anything happened, and that’s a problem.

      • Scrapple

        It’s never been a family. It’s a business relationship. Roma and Tim were portrayed as being these good friends but I remember more than a few moments where that seemed artificial. Models have short memories, viewers have short memories, studios think both parties are stupid and easily manipulated. It’s a joke and a mess.

  • Scrapple

    I haven’t checked out NakedSword’s site in ages, because nothing they do interests me. So I was shocked to see that in addition to all the content from other studios they’re carrying, they’re showcasing vids from Corbin Fisher. When did that happen? I thought Jason/Corbin was pretty strict about not letting his content show up on “competitor” sites. Was this desperation or a sound business plan? Both?

    • Jonny Marzetti

      CF started making their videos — starting with the previously DVD-only titles — available on AEBN VOD even before AEBN purchased Naked Sword in 2007. I’d be surprised if CF doesn’t earn more with this arrangement than they would if CF’s website was the only place to stream or download their library.

      • Scrapple

        Probably. But I’ve always viewed AEBN as a “fire sale” type of thing. Like you send them content which is old or isn’t generating you money, so you want to expand its scope. I’ve actually never known anyone who actually used AEBN VOD, because a lot of sites offer AEBN vids with you sub. ChaosMen for example. And with file sharing and all that being so prevalent, I don’t see people shelling out money to rent old vids they can probably find for free. If they’re not spending the money on an actual sub to the site, why would they spend money to rent a scene? Whatever money there is to be made seems like it would be minimal at best.

        • Jonny Marzetti

          ” If they’re not spending the money on an actual sub to the site, why would they spend money to rent a scene?”

          Pay per minute. Watch the, say, 5 minutes of a video/scene that most gets you off the most, at 10 cents per minute. Or sample many different vids for 10 cents a minute until you hone in with what you want to spend more time with.

          • Scrapple

            That doesn’t seem like a lot of money if AEBN is only getting a few cents per minute per customer. For a site and catalog that large the hosting and streaming fees must be pretty large. Then there are what I assume are licensing fees from the studios like CF, which might be offset by the fees they get from other sites which host their content. But I guess profits are to be had, considering they’ve had the revenue to buy up so many other companies.

  • Address Me Now

    Who’s the actor in the harness?

    • FrenchBug

      Based on the cast list and photo plus the BTS pics on Twitter seems to be Colby Tucker (although his cock looks bigger here than I remember it to be).

    • Zachary Sire

      Link Parker

  • ShyGuy

    Reading this article is the most attention I have paid to Nakedsword in years.

  • Casey Scott

    I’ll believe Chi Chi “co-directed” this when photos surface of her actually being on the set. It looks like this was all Mr. Pam, based on the pics I’ve seen of the shoot.

  • King

    Am the only one who thinks this so called “fight” was just a PR stunt to raise awareness of the movie? Because if it wasn’t, all these people have too much time on their hands.

  • CamCam

    I wish the stars and directors would fight over making a kick ass film giving the viewers an amazing experience the way they fight over who to give props to for a mediocre one. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Jonny Marzetti

    At least in the past, LaRue was one of — maybe THE — very best directors when it came to one specific sex act, namely rimming. One of many, many examples is the poolside scene between Brent Everett and Roman Heart in Falcon Group’s Super-Soaked from about 2005. But I doubt that is the reason Falcon felt they had to get her back. Maybe they thought LaRue’s presence would revive the revenue they brought in when he was their primary director? Nah… Maybe he works for minimum wage?

    • GayhawkAZ

      If you follow her on Facebook, I’d say she gets paid in Starbucks

  • Austin

    I can’t wait until this movie comes out so I can ignore it like everything else naked sword produces.

  • Devin

    I would never hire any of these women and I’m not talking about Mr. Pam. The lack of professionalism and attention whoring is real. These models go shooting off on social media anytime they feel some type of way. I love that Sister Roma seems unbothered. First of all, did any of them have a conversation with Mr. Pam about this before they took to Twitter? Not only is it unprofessional, but it is disrespectful to go shooting off on Twitter about a situation involving someone you work with, unless you have ran it by them first. Mr. Pam may have not wanted this to be addressed publicly or at all for that matter. She seems very low key no drama. I’m sure this is not what she wanted. If they were really thinking about Mr. Pam’s best interest they would not have done this. These models have too much time on their hands. Get a side hobby or gig to keep busy. As you see Mr. Pam is on another shoot, too busy to even address the fuckery.

    • GayhawkAZ

      I would trust Roma over any of the front of camera talent, and I’m using “talent” loosely.

  • GayhawkAZ
  • Devin

    The other thing is I really need for people like Josh Moore to have a tall glass of shut the fuck up. Almost forgot how he treated his ex boyfriend, fiance, or whatever he was. Straight up trash ass person. It’s so easy to forget about these things, but they speak to a person’s character and this one is trash. Throw her away. She’s never done anything noteworthy. What scene can any of you name with Josh Moore that is even memorable? I won’t be waiting. I got shit to do

  • Alex Lawson

    Meh, same ole snowflake crap.. next