Journalists Detained After Video Of South Sudan President Peeing His Pants Goes Viral

Posted January 9, 2023 by with 20 comments

I guess it’s a nice reminder to see that the United States isn’t the only country with leaders doing weird fucking shit. Well, in this case, weird fucking piss. Via JPost:

Six journalists in South Sudan have been detained over the circulation of footage showing President Salva Kiir appearing to wet himself at an official event, the national journalists union said on Saturday.

The footage from December showed a dark stain spread down the 71-year-old president’s grey trousers as he stood for the national anthem at a road commissioning event.


The footage never aired on TV, but was instead leaked (haha) on social media, and President Kiir is blaming a group of journalists who are said to have “knowledge on how the video came out.” The journalists have now been held for more than 24 hours without being charged, which is against the law in South Sudan. Kiir has been battling rumors about his health for most of the last decade while the country has been besieged by conflict and corruption.


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