Judge Rules In Favor Of ABC In Fired General Hospital Actor’s Lawsuit

Posted June 6, 2023 by with 8 comments

Tough luck, douche. Via Deadline:

Ingo Rademacher’s legal battle with ABC over his refusal to get vaxxed while working on General Hospital is over: A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge agreed with ABC in that the actor’s opposition was based on health reasons rather than his religious leanings.

Weeks after Rademacher was pink slipped from General Hospital for not getting the Covid-19 vaccination, the actor in December of 2021 slammed the Disney-owned network with a wide-ranging civil rights lawsuit on constitutional grounds. At the time, Disney had one of the strictest vaccine mandates of any Hollywood studio and most major corporations.

In March of this year, Rademacher’s attorneys filed paperwork opposing ABC’s motion to toss the case out. Rademacher alleged he was really canned because folks on the show objected to him voting for Trump in 2020 and decrying the “false hope” of getting the jab.


Had Rademacher been able to prove that ABC fired him over political or religious reasons, there would’ve been an employment discrimination case. Obviously, he wasn’t able to do that, and the judge found that it was a simple issue of him not adhering to the network’s health and safety protocols.

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