Julianne Moore Breaks Down Her Career, From As The World Turns To May December

Posted January 4, 2024 by with 3 comments

She’s probably my all-time favorite actress working today, so I definitely didn’t skip through any of the video above. While I never watched As The World Turns, I was of course a soap viewer in the 80’s and 90’s, so I was aware at the time of her work playing twins, for which she won her first Emmy. Her most iconic performance was obviously in Magnolia (which isn’t even mentioned in the video?), with Boogie Nights being a close runner-up, and her best overall was in Far From Heaven (also not mentioned!). Instead of giving her the deserved Oscar for that, the Academy waited and finally gave it to her for Still Alice. She deserves another Oscar this year, this time for Best Supporting, for May December. Her best movie in which she had the lead role was in Safe (again, not included in the video—whoever edited this thing is kind of clueless), which is more relevant now than ever.