Performer Tannor Reed Accuses JustForFans Owner Dominic Ford Of Sexual Assault

Posted June 14, 2020 by with 44 comments

Performer Tannor Reed (whose work includes scenes at NextDoor, ColbyKnox, and Men, as well as self-produced content on OnlyFans and JustForFans) has come forward today on Twitter with a lengthy and detailed account of several experiences he had both professionally and personally with JustForFans owner Dominic Ford. Near the end of the statement, Reed accuses Ford of sexually assaulting him in May of 2019 during an adult industry event in Miami, Florida.

Reed’s statement begins with details on how Ford helped Reed with a debt that “urgently needed to be payed,” and how Ford went on to be “extraordinarily helpful” by guiding Reed through a “very difficult situation.” Reed does not disclose what the debt or difficult situation was, but he does state that he had a consensual sexual encounter with Ford in California at an industry event in early 2019, shortly after Ford had helped Reed. Reed’s statement was posted in eight parts on Twitter, and here was part one:

As the statement continues, Reed goes into disturbing details on how Ford allegedly sexually assaulted him, which Reed says occurred at another industry event in Miami, Florida. Reed also shares what happened later with another performer in Miami, whom Ford appears to have been jealous of due to this performer’s time spent with Reed:

In parts four, five and six below, Reed goes into more details on the after-effects of the alleged assault, Ford’s “dismissive” attitude towards Reed, and how Reed’s work as a JustForFans performer played into Ford’s alleged manipulation of him. Ford continued to bring up Reed’s debt, according to Reed, and Ford even revealed to another performer the details behind that debt.

In part seven, Reed claims that Ford offered to raise Reed’s payout on JustForFans after Reed told him that competing site OnlyFans was performing better for him. After arguing over the two platforms, Reed says that Ford unfollowed him on both of his Twitter accounts.

Finally, in part eight, Reed states that he eventually realized how Ford manipulted him, and that Ford “did sexually assault me,” referring to the incident he described in May of 2019 in Miami.

Regarding the alleged sexual assault in Miami, the 22-year-old Reed goes on to write, “Consent was not given, it was coerced. I only just recently have become aware of myself as a ‘victim’ because I never felt like a victim, but I’m coming to understand the way that men in power positions abuse that position.” Here’s the rest of the conclustion to Reed’s statement:

Following the meteoric rise of OnlyFans, Dominic Ford launched his version of it in 2018, JustForFans, which has been a successful competitor. Like Tannor Reed, many adult performers use both platforms to market and sell their self-produced content, with the fan platforms earning a 20-30% share in the profits. But, unlike the unidentified and virtually unknown owners of OnlyFans, Dominic Ford is a performer himself with his own JustForFans page, where he regularly posts videos of himself having sex with models who use his platform.

Ford, who became well known in gay adult after operating his own traditional porn studio for nearly a decade (the now defunct, has been quoted and cited in multiple mainstream news articles over the last two years, most recently with regard to how performers are benefiting from fan platforms during the pandemic.

When asked if they had any response to Tannor Reed’s sexual assault allegations, a rep for Dominic Ford replied, “We have no comment at this time.”