Kevin Spacey Accused Of Making Sexual Advance On 14-Year-Old Boy

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110373_0011b4-h_2017Just hours after actor Anthony Rapp came forward to BuzzFeed alleging that a then 26-year-old Kevin Spacey made a sexual advance on Rapp when he was just 14 years old, Spacey has issued the below statement:

DNW4pkMUQAAe_egRumors of Spacey’s sexuality (not to mention his involvement with young boys) have been circulating for decades, and while “choosing” to be openly gay now would be fine under normal circumstances, it obviously doesn’t negate the fact that Rapp was 14 years old during Spacey’s alleged sexual advance. Spacey finally coming out now—only after being accused of trying to have sex with a young boy—is gross on every level, and Spacey’s sexuality is irrelevant with regard to the accusation against him. Normal 26-year-old gay men (and normal 26-year-old straight men) do not hang out with 14-year-old boys and invite them to parties, as Spacey did with Rapp.

Spacey’s coming out now is an attempt to distract people from the accusation against him, and this perhaps makes Spacey even more disgusting than the average predator. But if there’s any good news here, Rapp’s coming forward will hopefully prevent Spacey from ever trying to take advantage of anyone else.

  • Maximus

    This does NOT make us look good! No Rainbow Card for you, Kevin! Our community does not abide child abusers!

    • Scrapple

      I promise to try to act surprised should Ryan Murphy or Bryan Singer’s name turn up in one of these headlines. And Victor Salva already has a black mark against him, so he better keep himself in check.

      • The Porn Emperor

        Courtney Love beat him to it. In fact, she may have been the FIRST person to speak publicly about Weinstein.

        • Scrapple

          If only her reputation hadn’t clouded our judgment over what she said.

          • Zealot

            Scrapple– unfortunately, this is all too common among those hearing these stories from victims. Either it’s age, gender, past/reputation issues, or a myriad other things that allows the white power elite to dismiss their claims. I appreciate that you said this because it’s another of those great unspoken truths about sexual victimization that judges and courts are all too ready to accept as common practice, rather than give them their due. I’ve actually worked cases in which white male judges gave white male perpetrators a free pass for one of so many reasons: 1. Their actions/intentions were “misunderstood”; 2. The victim has given slightly conflicting information (duh!); 3. The wife/parent of the victim isn’t willing to allow the victim to be put on the stand (and believe me, attorneys are no nicer to victims, child or otherwise– in means used to get their client off; or 4. The victim has some history which is dragged up and used against their credibility. It’s important that we hear WHAT is being said and not necessarily WHO is saying it in terms of their worthiness to be heard.

      • A.C.

        Ryan Murphy and Bryan Singer are the proverbial white whales in this sordid mess. In addition to all of the contempt I hope both men garner for their libidinousness behavior, I hope that we save some of that rebuke for the many gay and lesbians actors in Hollywood who are well aware of this behavior and have chosen to look the other way for a chance at roles. I am thinking of one actor in particular who I was deeply disappointed to see work with one of the two considering his well documented claims of abuse and mistreatment at the hands of others like these two ephebophiles. They have blood on their hands as well.

        • McM.

          What is the name of the particular actor?

          • Two Cents

            If its Murphy hes talking about Eichner, Haynes, or both. If its Singer I dont know.

        • Maximus

          I’m sure that Ryan Murphy hits on younger men. Whether it goes beyond flirting and into the territory of harassment is unclear. Are there documented accusations? I just can’t imagine that icons like Sarah Paulson, Matt Bomer, Lady Gaga, and Colton Haynes—whom I love with the white hot passion of a thousand suns—would work with Murphy if his behavior were that abusive.

          • A.C.

            Much like Singer, all that we have as of now is speculation and conjecture as they have both used their power and wealth to silence those who have made attempts at implicating them – see Noah Galvin. As for icons knowingly working with him despite these ‘open secrets’, we need only recall the countless actors and actresses/icons who knew of Weinstein’s behavior, worked with him, and failed to disclose his behavior – Damon, Streep, Jane Fonda etc. the Weinstein affair has shown us quite well that individuals become willfully ignorant when confronted with the possibility of career advancement. That is why I consider these two ‘white whales’ as they are elusive, and those who work with them, knowing of all the whispers, to be enablers.

          • Maximus
          • A.C.

            Welcome to my life

          • A.C.

            By the way, lay your love for Mr. Haynes by the wayside. He is married now and it appears that you are way too young, far too intelligent and much too conventionally attractive to have captured his attention.

          • Scrapple

            It’s going to take me a while to get used to his new name. It’s Aaron Johnson all over again.

          • A.C.

            I did not recall that equally asymmetrical and confounding relationship, but you are so right. The cynical side of me, considering certain factors, wonders if you will have the time to adjust to it.

          • Scrapple

            I was thinking it, but didn’t want to say…

          • Maximus

            My Queer Coven has already started casting hexes and curses upon their union.


          • Scrapple

            Maybe after you’re done you can do a scrying spell on Fairuza Balk. She disappeared!

          • A.C.

            Not to worry, a sizable plurality, if not the vast majority, were and are thinking the same thing.

          • Scrapple

            I hope he keeps the receipts for the monogrammed towels.

          • A.C.

            I hope so as well.

          • WhimsyCotton

            I hope you’re joking about Gaga lol. She was more than happy to work with a convicted child abuser. R.Kelly ring a bell?

          • Maximus

            Uuuugggghhhh. I had forgotten about that. *heavy sigh* At least I have Beyoncé. I would be spiritually broken without her.

          • WhimsyCotton

            The only controversy there was Jay Z being on the receiving end of domestic abuse via Solange losing her shit in that elevator.

          • Maximus

            Unlike Beyoncé, Solange is a mere moral and is therefore as imperfect as the rest of us.

          • Scrapple

            Well, people did think it was funny Bey and Jay went as Kim and Big for Halloween. She literally went as Becky Kimmy with the good hair.

          • A.C.

            I do remember that unfortunate pairing now, thank you for the reminder.

          • Hereweare

            I was thinking the same thing. The rumors about Bryan Singer have been out there forever, but I have never heard that about Ryan Murphy, and he did “Glee” for gods sake.

    • zit_remedy

      yeah – on the on one hand, his statement is well-crafted; on the other hand…

    • TK

      I’d like to draw your attention to Exhibit A – Family Dick. A website that appears to be doing very well. And if you look at torrent sites, it is consistently at the top of the total downloaded lists.

      Our community has some issues it needs to deal with.

      • Maximus

        Male privilege and rape culture are male issues, not queer issues. We as males have a responsibility to deal with it, but non-male queer people don’t.

  • Xzamilloh
  • Jace

    What the fuck was that? He came out as a way to cover over the fact that he came onto an underage boy?

  • Scrapple

    It’s so weird that this story comes out now and sxg referenced Spacey just yesterday in the Kathy post.

    Normally I’d be cheering for someone finally getting to the point where they can live their truth. But I can’t shake my pom poms for this. It shouldn’t take people accusing you of molestation or assault for you to seek help for your issues, or admit to your sexuality. The men and women who have been harassed and assaulted shouldn’t have to be the ones who tell these stories. The lowlifes who committed these acts should be the ones standing up and taking responsibility for the things they said and did before the stories come out. Why are people having to go back in the archives and pull receipts showing what you did, so you can then turn around and say “Yes, I did that. I’m sorry.” Your apology ends up sounding like bullshit, because it seems like an afterthought or a way for you to save face.

    And fuck Spacey for waiting until Rapp spoke out to address this. You don’t remember? You don’t remember being friends with a 14 year old when you were in your late twenties? Nothing about playing that character in American Beauty (who was creeping on a teenager) brought any of this to your remembrance? Amber Tamblyn’s story about James Woods didn’t spark a flashback? Bullshit. And if you were that brazen in your twenties I can only imagine how much worse you became in later years.

    Just what we need, another notch on the “Gay men can’t be trusted around kids” belt. This right here is why all that pedo crap on Family Dick is so damaging. You can sit around and say “It’s just a fantasy” all you want, but there are people who will take someone like Spacey as a representative of our community. There are people who will take a site like Family Dick as a representation of our community. There’s absolutely no reason why we have to play into disgusting stereotypes. There’s no reason why an entire community should receive fallout because individuals within that community are too fucked up to think about the consequences of their actions. It’s enough already.

    • peter

      Just an obsevation: James Woods is a gazillion times creepier than Kevin Spacey.

    • Two Cents

      More allegations are out as of an hour ago and more are to come according to sources with the Hollywood reporter.

      • Scrapple

        Not surprised.

  • Xzamilloh
  • CamCam

    Kevin Spacey coming out as gay isn’t an issue. We ALL knew he was gay, the problem is, he was trying to fuck with a CHILD and that’s a MAJOR problem. We can’t let him off the hook, no way no how. How many other kids did he try to have sex/sexual activity with? How many other gay people and straight people are peophiles and sexual harassers in Hollywood? The best thing that has come out of this Harvey Weinstein scandal is that the predators of Hollywood are being exposed and we are not done seeing more people be exposed. Not by a long shot and thank goodness for that.

  • Estelle

    Look at the pictures of Anthony rap in 1986. He doesn’t look 14 he looks 10.

    • Hereweare

      That was a year before “Adventures In Babysitting”, if you’ve ever seen that. Yeah…….gross.

  • peter

    But why should Rapp choose to do this now? Could it be he’s seeing how many wannabe starlets and has-beens like Ashley Judd have gotten their names back in the the press with their lurid Harvey Weinstein stories?

    When I was 15 I was relentlessly cruised by a 35-40 high-school teacher. The experience was so creepy it put off my coming out for a decade.

    • Scrapple

      1. There is strength and courage in numbers.

      2. What the fuck does someone’s star power have to do with them coming forward? And do you really think these people are telling these stories just to get some free press? Are these accusations going to get Mira Sorvino a movie deal? You think Ashley Judd is doing this for a chance at another tv show? Rose McGowan’s is drumming up support for a Charmed reboot? This kind of thinking is why people don’t come forward in the first place.

      3. I would think someone who has been in a similar situation would be empathetic to a story like this. It’s okay for you to share your experience without the expectation that people are going to question your motives, but you’re not offering the same courtesy to Rapp? That seems fair.

      • TalkDirtyToMe

        Perfect response. Thank you!

      • peter

        I’m encouraged by some of the previous comments that I’m not alone in seeing a monkey-see-monkey-do pattern going on here. As with many of Weinstein’s accusers, I had to google to see who Rapp was. He’s had supporting roles in a few movies I admire, like Dazed and Confused, a movie notable for launching the career of one of my favorite actresses, Parker Posey, as well as Matthew McConaughey, and sex-predator Ben Affleck, but Rapp never made an impression.

        Spacey claims to have no independent recollection of the event, which if he was hammered is likely true. Does anyone know if he’s a FOB?

        I’m not terribly empathetic to Rapp since rumors surrounding Spacey have been circulating for ages. Had he spoken up sooner, he could have aired the dirty laundry in Spacey’s closet at least a decade sooner.

        • DrunkEnough

          Not knowing who Rapp is says more about you and your level of ignorance than it does about his intentions. In fact, your whole comment does.

        • Scrapple

          It’s really disgusting that you would have the audacity to tell someone when to speak up, and that they don’t deserve empathy because rumors. That’s fucked up. And it’s even more fucked up to think only people who have a certain level of fame are allowed to tell their stories. I guess all those MeToo non celebs should just shut the fuck up.

        • WhimsyCotton

          Not surprising that someone who gives racists the benefit of the doubt would also give predators the same treatment,

    • FieldMedic

      Rapp is currently staring in Star Trek Discovery. Say what you want about the show, but that’s a high-profile franchise for CBS so him doing this both took courage and is in no way a publicity move as Star Trek is giving him plenty of publicity. In fact this could be detrimental to him as Les Moonves, the head of CBS is a creep, and it could end up reflecting badly on CBS and Star Trek — I don’t think he’d be booted off of the show, but Star Trek likes a clean image.

    • Zealot

      Peter- you yourself spoke to the power the kind of trauma you experienced (as did Mr. Rapp) has over someone when it happens. The reason most perpetrators succeed is what we call their “one up” position. They act from a position of having power (and usually not just age, but gender and race give them some additional credibility that women, children and people of color do not share). This power is subtle but very well understood by all parties if not consciously. You also said it delayed your coming out by 10 years, showing just how profoundly this experience was for you. I really hope you got some help so that it does’t continue to traumatize you…as I can attest, these experiences can continue to affect you in unexpected ways for years and decades. In fact, this experience may affect to this day how you trust and accept the motives of others (friends, lovers) in your life. This kind of trauma is experienced and affects victims in as many ways as there are victims. It’s like how we experience death or joy, or love. It’s varied and personal to the victim themselves. I hope you’ve survived to be a person who is well-adjusted and happy in their life today– because that’s what is most important. I hate what happened to you all those years ago and hope the man who did it is no longer a threat to children.

      • James

        What trauma? A drunk dude makes a pass at Rapp, Rapp pushes him off. This is not a life crisis.

        • NickDC

          You sound like the PR guy for NAMBLA.

          • James

            HAHA thanks but you miss my point, if there is a crime I think you MUST report it, which is something Rapp did not do.

            I would rather that idiots like Rapp not cloud the serious matters of sexual assult with their bullshit #metoo.

            Rapp’s story has been artfully told so that it does not allege “criminal conduct” while at the sametime torpedoing another person’s reputation.

          • NickDC

            I agree with you that victims of sexual assault should report the crime to law enforcement. Unfortunately, according to RAINN, only 31% of sexual assaults are reported to law enforcement.

            The number one reason that sexual assault victims do not report the crime is fear of retaliation.

            Many of us for years have heard rumors that Mr. Spacey had a preference for jailbait. I had read but basically dismissed the rumors that Mr. Spacey’s preference was for individuals not yet of age.

            If Anthony Rapp, who currently is on a major CBS prime time program, sharing his story gives the courage to come forward to those who have been victim of far worse at the hands of Mr. Spacey (and they go first to law enforcement instead of the media), would you still consider Rapp’s story to be an issue?

          • James

            Rapp’s story is about a drunk perv making a “Pass”. Rapp clearly had the emotional maturity to rebuff Spacey. By Rapp’s own admission it was a “thing that happened” and his life moved on. Good for Rapp.

            FFWD to today: Rapp tells us he is now coming forward about the incident to “help others”…Where was Rapp’s courage in the beginning?

            I hope Rapp’s cynical behavior does have some good come of it if Mr. Spacey is a pedophile however I suspect what Rapp’s true confession does is cause more people to become jaded and see his gambit as self serving #metoo.

          • Zealot

            You clearly don’t have the background or experience to speak on sexual trauma and victimization and I wish you’d stop trying to determine what did or didn’t happen in Rapp’s case (or Peter’s– whom I was initially posting to…not you). You demonstrate a severe lack of empathy and all I can say is that when you work with people who have been victims who don’t have your strong sense of self to help, it’s a nightmare and no one..I mean NO ONE will help you. Victims feel all alone, and disbelieved and shameful (because fair or not, they often believe the unwanted assault…and that’s what it is…and assault…is somehow their fault). When you pose the “what if” and “why not” questions about Rapp….you’re asking the wrong thing about the wrong person in this scenario.

          • James

            I most assuradly do, and I can smell a lie.

          • Zealot

            Then you betta smell yourself.

          • DrunkEnough

            Jesus, he was 14 and afraid and confused. Comments like this are gross. Who cares if he waited 3 minutes or 30 years? It’s his life and his business. No one gets to tell a victim of abuse when they have to talk about it, or if they ever have to.

          • James

            There is nothing gross about my comment, there is something gross about a drunk adult propositioning you for sex and that is true at 46 or 14. BTW Rapp did reveal details of “Kevin’s” secret “crush” for some time to several media outlets as far back as 1998…. only then it was a tale to demonstrate “how everyone wants a piece of Rapp’s hotness” and now that Rapp is aging out he is playing the sympathy card.

          • Zealot

            The psychology of telling once something like this occurs is complex and certainly James’ comments are exactly why many DON’T speak up. Someone (or a LOT of someones like him) always jumps on them and starts to make them feel even more shameful and victimized. So they try to stuff it down, or pretend it didn’t happen, or that the memories of it will just go away. But often they don’t and the victims have to live with what happened in some way or other, every day of their lives. Things trigger responses, and casual comments from friends, family or know-it-alls on social media all conspire to keep their secret hidden and unspoken. I just can’t abide people who jump on sexual trauma victims and start in with the “what if’s” and “why not’s”. I try to remember they don’t understand all the things, the very personal reasons why victims can’t speak out….but I know they’re not listening really and they don’t care. Thanks for your more enlightened responses.

          • Scrapple

            He’s the idiot because at fourteen an adult put him into a sexual situation? There are levels to sexual assault, and only the higher levels are traumatic and deserve to be spoken about? What the fuck is wrong with you people? When the government finally gets around to rounding up the gays, I hope they come for the garbage trolls first.

          • James

            Let me understand, a 14 year old can stand trial in the USA as an adult, yet you would rob Mr. Rapp of his emancipation of Adult actions?

            Mr. Rapp says he rebuffed Mr. Spacey’s drunken baffoonery and left. Sounds like Rapp handled the situation just fine even if he was just 14.

            Rapp has a story with lots of questions: which he won’t answer, and took actions in an event both parties agree: Nothing Happened.

            I stand by my statement about Rapp. At least now we all know what you can catch when you drag a Ben Franklin in front of Rapp.

          • Scrapple

            Being fourteen and being propositioned by an adult is not an action. Why you think it is I don’t know.

            Doesn’t matter how he handled it. It should not have happened. Adults should not be trying to engage in sex with minors.

            No actions were taken on Rapp’s part. It should not have happened.

            Blaming a child for something an adult did is pretty low. But whatever. Some people are assholes and will do anything to excuse another asshole’s inappropriate behavior.

        • Marcus Collack

          It is when you’re 14 and the “Drunk dude,” is grown man who can easily rape you.

          • James

            Spacey didn’t rape Rapp, and Rapp “pushed” Spacey off. Its creepy, but creepy isn’t criminal. Stop escalating to events that never transpired.

    • James

      Most gay guys have stories such as Mr. Rapp, particularliy if you didn’t grow up in today’s vastly more accepting culture. In my highschool days I was sure I was the only one who was gay, it was lonely and brutish.

      Spacey was creepy, and Rapp did the right thing to push him off. That said, why did Rapp only “amber alert” now? His determination to only bring this matter to attention by way of paid exclusive interviews seems sleezy. The rumours about Spacey were not new, and by Rapp’s own admission incensed him, so why not come forward years ago?

      • DrunkEnough

        Rapp is not getting paid for interviews. He’s not even granting any. He did one, and it wasn’t for pay.

        • James

          He did “ONE” interview and rejects all others. That’s the definition of exclusive.

          But enough … lets be honest: Rapp is a liar and his short story is a fairy tale:

          1. Why did he decide to watch TV in a bedroom (Apparenty the bedroom of Mr. Spacey) upon attending a party he arrived at using his own MTA Pass just an hour before? Why not go home or leave if he was bored at the party?

          2. Why was he still watching TV in Mr. Spacey’s bedroom hours later when all the guests had left? Was the TV in 1986 really that compelling?

          3. What was he watching on the TV in Mr. Spacey’s bedroom, maybe something on VHS?

          4. How was it that Mr. Rapp who by all accounts was as twinky and tiny as could be able to “push off” Mr. Spacey a young man of 26 in good physical shape? Remember Rapp says Spacey had the strength to “pick him up” yet Spacey’s lust was thrwarted with a twinkie push. Really?

          5. Mr. Rapp stated “It was this thing that happened, and I locked it away,” he said. But “as Spacey’s star rose in the 1990s and his face and name became inescapable, I began confiding in [my] friends.”

          Fun fact: Rapp did a salacious bit of bragging to Advocate in 2001 but thoughtlessly they wouldn’t Name-Associate his name with Kevin’s.

          I have a theroy: Rapp was infatuated with Kevin Spacey and what ever happened in that room that night is not exactly the story Rapp tells today. One thing both parties agree upon is that: NOTHING HAPPENED.

          Mr. Rapp’s story insults real victims of sexual assault and is prolematic to say the least.

          My money is on teenage lust and rejection… and now Mr. Rapp is being a fame hoe.

          • DrunkEnough

            No matter how much you comment troll, you can’t win this one, because everyone knows Kevin Spacey is fucking creepy and this story sounds exactly right to most of us.

          • Scrapple

            I don’t get how people are bending over backwards and forwards to defend something that Spacey himself isn’t defending. Obviously if he knew something like that is something he would never do sober or drunk as a skunk, he would refute the claims. But he’s not. Because he at least has some sense not to continuing lying to himself and others.

      • peter

        That’s my point entirely: why now? Why not a decade ago? Or before that? Its timing in relation to the Weinstein revelations seems like getting on the #metoo bandwagon.

  • Marik Ishtar

    Unfortunately, Anthony Rapp is not the first to make an allegation about Spacey. I feel as though if Anthony wasn’t on TV right now and was an out-of-work actor people would accuse him of only saying this for attention. This also brings me back to when Noah Gavin made that Bryan Singer comment and it was removed for being contentious. Had it not of been for Weinstein and #metoo this would have been swept under a rug as well.
    What happens next will set the tone of cases like these for years to come. If Monday morning headlines read “Kevin Spacey accused of molestation”, then we have a lot of work ahead of us; but if it says “Kevin Spacey comes out as gay”, then the issue will keep being buried deeper.

    Rapp, I wish you wellness. Honesty is the only path to peace of mind.

  • badgamer1967 Better late than never but seriously blaming alcohol for molesting a teen? thats the ol STR8 defence please bitch I aint buyin!!!

  • badgamer1967 Better late than never but seriously blaming alcohol for molesting a teen? thats the ol STR8 defence please bitch I aint buyin!!!

  • VADick4U2

    What Kevin Spacey did was wrong any way you look at it but what I want to know is how a 14 year old boy could get out of the house to go to an adult party? I did not have that kind of freedom until I was 16 or 17 and driving.

    • Marcus Collack

      From the report it was like a Broadway party, so I’m assuming casts from different shows were there, and I think he was accompanied by people, which makes me wonder what were they doing. the picking him up part was from a play, but when he started to leave, someone should have said something.

  • OverKill
  • lukaeber

    It’s shameful that no one paid any attention to the many accusations that have been made against Spacey until someone famous like Rapp made them.

  • Kevin Jones

    Gross is right.

  • James

    More allegations, more #metoo, and yet oddly Rapp choose to capitalize on serious alledged “illicit behavior” in the most sensational way possible. When asked for more details he refered questions back his “interview exclusive” and would not answer the questions.

    I don’t know what Mr. Spacey or Mr. Rapp were doing but if there is a crime why not report it?

    Enough “courageous” inuendo with “bold” hashtags, if a crime has been commited report it to those capable of criminal investigations, it is the right thing to do, it is the brave thing to do.


  • A.C.

    It goes without saying that this statement from Kevin Spacey is the most cynically calculated misdirection I have the displeasure of seeing in quite sometime, and I say that in this era of politics. Placing his appallingly disgusting behavior in close proximity with, what would be under normal circumstances a welcomed disclosure, is beyond tone deaf, it signals a grave insensitivity to the repercussions the community now faces having you as part of it, and displays the same sort of malignant insouciance we all know is part of the character profile of sexual predators like him. His talent is immense, but apparently, so too is his depraved and lecherous appetites. As Zach rightly pointed, his predilections for underage men was widely known, so as it was with Harvey Weinstein, I am waiting to see how many will feign ignorance about what we now know is the truth. As for Kevin Spacey, he can do the community a great favor by going away to seek help and leave the rest of us alone. His presence in the community is neither wanted nor welcomed.

  • Two Cents

    Yeah, I remember that! I knew it was true back then. I saw Spacey two or three times cruzin the village when I was a teen. He would be at all the places I would be looking for you know what.

    • James

      Thank you for sharing, the trauma and the bravery! :-)

      • Two Cents

        He never came on to me but I can mos def say that he was always with guys my age at the time when he walked out of the spots I was at.

  • James


    Act 1.
    The Setting:

    Rapp’s mother lets him wander off all alone to an Adult party somewhere in NYC….Where Rapp got bored and ended up watching TV alone in the bedroom.

    Act 2.
    The Crime:
    after the other guests had left, Rapp alleges that [super intoxicated (Rapp’s description)] Spacey picked him up, placed him on the bed, and lay down on top of him, forcing Rapp to push him off.

    Act 3.
    The Trauma!
    Rapp says, “It was this thing that happened, and I locked it away,” he said. But …

    as Spacey’s star rose in the 1990s and his face and name became inescapable,

    …. Rapp began confiding in his friends.

    #metoo LMFAO

  • NickDC

    Today Kevin Spacey came out as a pedophile.

    FYI Mr. Spacey: For decades the LGBT community has been fighting hard to open the public’s eyes to the reality that one does not choose to be gay; your statement that you “choose now to live as a gay man” is not helpful.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    Either he has the worst press agent ever, or you all are grasping at straws regarding his coming out as a gaslight.

    In this atmosphere, the oh-wow-he finally-came-out factor is nothing in comparison to the accusation(s).


    The thing that makes me really uncomfortable about these allegations about not only Mr. Spacey, but Weinstein, Allen, et al.. is that our culture is hanging them before any kind of “trial”. I’m not defending the actions of these men (if proven to be true), but I’m alarmed that they are vilified, and found to be guilty immediately without any proof so much as “He said-He said”, or in the case of heterosexual men, “He-said, she-said”. You’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. This is not the case with allegations like “Sexual Assault”, or “Rape”. How can these men even defend against that? You can never disprove a negative when it’s said. Example “So and so is gay”, then it’s up to the person accused of being gay to prove that they’re NOT gay? If you’re the one being accused, the burden of proof falls on you to disprove the negative.

    It’s unjust.

    Again, this response is in NO WAY intended to defend convicted pedophiles, or assaulters, rapists etc OR blame victims. I’m simply asking why there is a rush to prosecute, try, and convict someone before they have their day in court? (if that is even a possibility).

    • Xzamilloh

      And normally, I would wholeheartedly agree with you. But Kevin Spacey’s own words incriminate himself what with the “I don’t remember what I did, but if I did, I am sorry if I did because I was drunk.” In other instances, I do take issue with people being tried in the court of public opinion based on nothing more than Twitter or Tumblr posts, and as most of us know, the accusations alone are enough to torpedo someone’s career and their life. But once again, reading the statement Kevin Spacey puts out, there is definitely a fire underneath Rapp’s smoke.

  • Jon

    Wow, what an odious cunt.

    He’s had over a decade to come out on his own terms, but kept hiding behind the ‘private life’ excuse, but he then decides to come out to deflect from the fact that he’s an alleged predator, and throws the community under the bus while he’s at it.

    Here’s to him enjoying a life of misery.

  • Deviancy Behavir You won’t be missed! Bye, House of Cards! Bye, Kevin Spacey’s career. When more victims come out and I’m sure they’re are more than a few, which is sick and sad, I hope he’s thrown under the fucking jail.

  • nick

    The recent Hollywood stories are a bit like Operation Yewtree in the UK, everyone was shocked at what had been going for literally decades with so many celebrities involved, and wondered how they got away with it for so long.

  • WhimsyCotton

    What a fucking disgusting mess. No wonder so many child actors end up as fucked up adults. It makes me wonder if something happened to Lindsay and Britney in the 2000s. Parents need to be far be more involved.

    As for this asshole, I suspected something was up when one would always see him accompanied by much younger men and obsessed with his “privacy.” As much as it hurts me to find out how vile some actors I loved are, I’m happy to see the truth revealed. I hope the victims can find some sort of justice.

  • Bruser
  • Devin

    I still won’t support Anthony Rapp or the Rose McGowan’s of Hollyweird. Rose McGowan tried to extort Harvey Weinstein. Now struggle actor Anthony Rapp who we never heard of before this is coming out about this incident after 30 years. #foh These people have no principles. Why should I give af?

  • Hari Kalyan

    So does this mean Johnny Rapid will never be mentioned here again? (and that horrid Family Dick site?)..On another note, this is Hollywood so I’m sure it’ll be swept under the rug like Woody Allen and Roman Polanski. But who knew all this time it was Kevin Spacey who was actually the creepy closeted gay guy in American Beauty

  • Nicholas Butler

    He’s a pedophile, point blank period. May he fucking burn.