Kevin Spacey Tells Jurors “I’m A Big Flirt” During Sexual Assault Trial

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Hard to say how this is being interpreted by jurors without video and the ability to hear and see his tone and demeanor on the stand, but it could easily be coming off as creepy. Spacey’s sexual assault trial in London is ongoing, but here’s an excerpt from his testimony today via Variety:

Earlier he told the jury his alleged accuser was “flirtatious” and that the touching did not happen in an “aggressive” or “violent” way.

“I’m a big flirt,” Spacey replied when asked if he was flirtatious himself. “We had a very fun time together,” the actor told the court. He added that the man said the experience was new for him and did not want to go further. “I respected that,” Spacey said.

Of another alleged victim, who claimed Spacey grabbed him “hard” backstage at a charity event after having earlier made aggressively sexual remarks, the actor said: “I never said anything of the things he claims I said to him and wouldn’t and never have in my life.”

When asked by Gibbs what Spacey made of the man’s accusations about being grabbed, the actor replied: “It’s madness. It’s madness because it never happened.”


Spacey faces life in prison if convicted on all 12 sexual assault charges involving four victims.

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