WATCH: Brent Corrigan Movie King Cobra Finally Has A Trailer

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King Cobra—the James Franco-produced drama based on the real-life murder of gay porn producer Bryan Kocis—finally has a trailer after playing festivals all summer long, and while the film has received mixed reviews, the casting of Garrett Clayton as Brent Corrigan appears to be spot-on:


And they did a good job recreating the Cobra Video site.

King Cobra’s Cobra Video:


Actual Cobra Video:


IFC Films has distribution rights on King Cobra, which opens in a few theaters on October 21st. While he had no involvement in the production, Brent Corrigan told Str8UpGayPorn that he does plan on seeing the movie.

  • Xzamilloh

    It looks like if Boogie Nights had a gay baby with 54, and Showgirls supplied the embryo. But it was carried by Debbie Does Dallas. I’ll watch it when/if it comes to cable or in clips on YouTube.

    • lordgabux

      Your description is spot on hahahahhahahahaa #loveit

    • Scrapple

      Is it wrong that I want to be that gayby’s Resident Advisor?

      • Maximillian

        What is that guys name? He looks really familiar .

        • Scrapple

          Ryan Hansen. You’ve probably seen him on a few different shows, but most people know him as Dick Casablancas on Veronica Mars.

          • Maximillian

            Ty for the clarification he was in Friday the 13th as well im a big horror fan so I remember him from that remake in 2009.

          • Scrapple

            I forgot he was in that, probably because I was too busy checking for Jared.
            Ryan was hilarious in Party Down. I miss that show.

      • BlogZilla

        What is a gayby?

        • Scrapple

          Gay baby.

    • Mike Julius

      I had such a thing for Billie

  • Todd
  • Eric

    Looking forward to this…loved Franco’s over-the-top performance in Spring Breakers.

  • Sed

    Of course I want to see it. You know Garrett Clayton has probably been watching Brent Corrigan films since he was a young gay pup himself. Brent’s probably one of his heroes. Plus Garrett is hot. Why would I miss the opportunity to see him have at least some simulated gay sex.

    • Evan Karls

      lol he’s straight

      • kevin

        yeah, aspiring actors take just about any role for the experience of it.

      • Rob Wilson

        so is Nick Jonas. Your point?

      • Maximillian

        He’s also homophobic .

        • Hereweare

          What makes him homophobic?

          • Maximillian

            If you google Sean Cody Stu just like Brandon homophobe you will see the proof.

            He exchanged a text with another person just like Brandon/Jeff did espousing homophobic epithets even going so far as saying his experience with Sean Cody was so bad he wanted to kill himself and he didnt want to remember any of it .

            Another G4P homophobe exactly why so many of us have no respect for most of these guys considering how they treat their fan base and what they think of us in general as human beings.

          • Travis

            Stu is a supposedly heterosexual man who had bareback sex with other men for money. Imagine if someone offered you, a gay man I’m assuming, a substantial amount of money to let a bunch of random women squirt in your mouth for several hours. After the fact you were interviewed about it & were asked how you honestly felt about it. There’s a big difference in being honest & being an asshole. These pearl-clutching queens who get all up in arms because their G4P idols don’t speak glowingly of the JOB they had to do make me laugh/cry.

          • Maximillian

            Goddamn I swear you hypocritical weak ass fuckers are such losers this is how you cocky shits always act in this community giving it a bad name.

            So eat shit motherfucker you WEAK little bitches aren’t intelligent much less tough YOU just sound like lame ass knockoffs of the equally overcompensating little dicked insensitive shits on Fox News .

            Enjoy being hypocrites you tools always think you’re hot shit yet literally that’s the only thing you uneducated imbeciles ever do is SHIT on others .

            All that It Gets Better bullshit while LGBT kids were offing themselves and you regressive intellectually and emotionally stunted little shits think you are the ENLIGHTENED SUPERIOR ONES LMFAO

            You fucking wish asshats.

            I’m no pushover bitch trust that.

            This site wasn’t created for your pathetic overinflated egos either nor was it created so you and your brain dead conservative MACHO ilk could act like petulant pretentious assholes just because you CAN.

            Oh and shove your PC bullshit you low iq motherfucker that WORD is used by people who justify their usages of the words NIGGER,FAGGOT,QUEER,SPIC,

            The word PC is also used against the concept of immigration in this country to slander anyone who wants to come here .

            Your kind within this community never once possess common sense much less an actual fucking conscience,
            AWARENESS,or compassion .

            You’re just pathetic knockoffs of Trump,Hannity,O’Reilly,Michael Savage,Rush Limbaugh,etc…

            I hate guys like YOU you have always represented the absolute worst of this COMMUNITY(such a laughable concept and word)and always will.

            You prepubescent overgrown man child only represent the intellectually deficient bully mentality .

            You arrogant cocky haughty hypocrites always think that people are only there for your own amusement to get an intentional rise out of them for your own amusement as if you are ABOVE THEM.

            Lol enjoy your many and I DO mean MANY delusions of grandeur .

            You think being PC makes someone WEAK well motherfucker unlike YOU I’m the kind that will defend those being discriminated against and persecuted against .

            You however are the kind that will immediately MOCK and throw them under the proverbial bus and claim they need to GROW A PAIR amongst other stupid statements .

            It’s people like you that get a rise out of trashing others and as usual people like you clap like trained seals enjoying their ENTERTAINMENT because they are as equally repugnant as you are . :)

            You messed with the wrong person asshole and as far as the bullshit idiots like YOU claim about us DEALING with shit we do in our own way you moron .

            Most educated empathetic human beings however do not take the shit they have dealt with in life harden them to the point where they don’t give a fuck how they treat other people .

            I don’t give a rat’s ass what any one thinks of this I’ve absolutely had my fill of your idiotic and perpetually hypocritical ilk within this COMMUNITY.

            Don’t speak to me like I’m a CHILD again either simpleton I’m a full grown adult one that possesses empathy and compassion for others.

            You love to mock and ridicule its your kinds drug YOU think you are SOOO TOUGH that you can bash and mock to your heart’s content gaining fans for your examples of hypocrisy and double standards .

            You fools demand respect from those who discriminate against us yet when it comes to a differing opinion from your own COMMUNITY you jackasses think you can actually justify your own BRANDS OF DISRESPECT AND DISCRIMINATION.

            Nope I’ve never stood for that it sets a negative example for what we are SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT within this fake ass hypocritical biased double standard elitist COMMUNITY.

            In closing fuck you and your pals if you think you can act like an elitist insensitive asshole then you better believe I won’t sit there and put up with it .

            Goddamn what a pathetic group of people a community I gladly separate myself from at this point.

            Cue the smug commentary,arrogance,cockiness,
            superiority,hypocrisy,same old bullshit essentially.

            Btw Google the information you moron it’s not my job to educate you as to what actual homophobia LOOKS LIKE.

            That’s why everyone has an opinion like they have an asshole and boy have I met an asshole IE YOU.

            PEARL CLUTCHING another stupid term meant to excuse your acting like a smug asshole .

          • Travis

            He said something politically incorrect on twitter & therefore is an evil racist/homophobic/Hitler.
            I really wish SJW’s would spend a day in the bible-belt & then go back into their PC bubble. It’d change their perspective slightly…

          • Hereweare

            Yep……that’s what I figured. Never mind that he’s played gay at least twice at his young age……….a raging ‘phobe not likely. But as you said, it doesn’t take much with the bubble crowd. Thanks for clarifying!

          • Maximillian

            Stfu you idiot that moronic BUBBLE term is ALSO used by conservatives to mock our fight for equal right as Americans.

            But as usual YOUR type would rather act like cocky asses then listen to reason in any capacity .

            What can one expect with you men having your heads up your asses all the fucking time. :)

          • Hereweare

            What was that? I can’t hear you through your bubble. If you pop it, the sound will get out…..and IN! Oh…….and how typical.

          • Maximillian

            No such thing as SJW that alone shows how stupid and inept guys like YOU are .

            You are probably also voting for the Oompa Loompa with your lack of brain cells it certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

            Enjoy your fleas…dog. :)

        • Malory Archer

          MissGarrett described how uncomfortable she was bottoming for 8 men in a row on film, and her initial reservations on accepting the part. Nothing remotely homophobic there–straight actors bitch about sex scenes all the time. Hot studio lights (less of an issue now with digital’s greater latitude), swarms of crew and feigned initamacy with complete strangers. Unless you’re a born exhibitionist or porn star, you’d be just as anxious as MissGarrett.

          I’ve seen your near-identical rants directed at this interview at bottom of a sveeral Facebook comment sections online. No matter how many explain how unlikely it is that MissGarrett is straight, you just won’t let it go.

          • Maximillian

            Shut the fuck up you rude asshole I don’t know you nor care what you think period.

            You’re nothing more then another arrogant,cocky,smug,pretentious piece of shit in this community that thinks they are intellectually superior .

            Try me again you obnoxious ass I don’t back down from the likes of elitist trash like YOU dear fair warning.

            Yes simpleton his statement did come across as homophobic and since your dumbass is focused on MY comments on other sites I suggest you check out the articles about Garrett on other sites you half wit.

            Then you will see that I am not the only one who thought this way.

            In closing fuck you and your ego .


      • Malory Archer

        Because he bearded with that little blonde hussy for a year? Are you really that naive, Evan? Well are you?

      • gaysiantwink

        Garrett isn’t straight lol. The Real O’Neals star outed him.

  • sanfv

    This is just an excuse for James Franco to have gay sex and hold onto her fragile heterosexuality by saying he’s making “art”.


    • Maximus

      Mmhmm. Miss Franco’s thirst has been…

    • DumDumBonerMaker

      Are you using the term “her” as a putdown – or was that a typo?

      • Maximus

        And again, here comes Maximus with the explanations. I’ll add this one to the archive for future use.

        sanfv and some others who comment here at times refer to men using female pronouns as a way to challenge (1) cis-heteronormative notions of gender as a binary concept, and (2) traditional masculine gender norms that devalue men who possess feminine traits. It’s celebratory, not derogatory. Everything else about sanfv’s post is a putdown though, and I applaud it.

        • Dough

          Nah. It’s using ‘her’ and ‘she’ in derogatory manners – which is not not some valiant socio-political statement – but it is using female pronouns as an insult – which is derogatory towards women. Simple. As. That.

          • Maximus

            sanfv is my online homo homegurl. I know her better than you do, and I assure you that she is not using female pronouns as an insult. Not. As. Simple. As. You. Believe. It. To. Be.


          • sanfv

            Girl, I give out midterms and have to grade them and all this bullshit happens.
            “Bisexuals suffer more! Don’t use feminine pronouns! You’re too negative!”

            Ima pray to Black Jesus for a moment.

            Everything you said was on the nose. I hate supposed gender and community norms that are prolific and nuanced in the mainstream, gay culture and everything Inbetween. As you already said, but I’m afraid I must re empathize since I have been getting called out for it quite frequently- is that “girl” from my mouth and keyboard is NOT a put down. We need to celebrate our differences and be willing and able to challenge all those gender and social norms and roles.. I hate the main stream artifices that are pushed onto gay men. I am an openly gay, mixed race voguer who is a top martial artist, am a writing teacher, wears heels from time to time and will fight construction workers in front of their mothers.

            When I say GIRL, you say GIRL!

          • Maximus
        • DumDumBonerMaker

          I think I get what you’re saying – and if you say it’s not a putdown I’ll take your word for it.

          Though to expect people to know someone’s personal agenda in ‘challenging’ such things you explained in random and crowded internet comment sections is asking a lot.
          Because if someone uses the female pronoun while putting down a male – no matter their intent in using the pronoun – it CAN seem like the feminine term is used to push the degradation. Which is, in the end, bashing women.

          But, again, I do take your word that ‘her’ is not being used negatively in this case.
          But to expect people to remember ‘sanfv’ as some special avenger raging against heteronormative stances.. and not just some rando a-hole who uses female pronouns to diss males like everybody’s local children’s football coach and how lots and lots of gay men do every single day… Is asking a lot. But I’ll try.

    • Scrapple

      Her thirst is legendary. Scamming her way through dick across multiple creative disciplines. It’s quite fascinating. Can you imagine what Franco’s office hours were like at NYU. If These Walls Could Talk…

      When Men finally gets around to doing the Franco parody, I want Johnny in the lead role. He already knows what it’s like to try and pick up an underage girl.

      • Justin Matthews

        You sound fat and jealous…Haha!!

        • sanfv

          “Haha”… Girl, you must be in a college fraternity. You’re one of those “gaybros” aren’t you girl?

          No one over 22 says “haha”, even online.

          Sashay away girl, you are dismissed.

          • Scrapple

            She’s just mad that the trial is over but Donnie B still hasn’t snatched her out of the Witness Protection Program.

        • Scrapple

          And you sound like that hooker who was banging Donald Burns for free dental work.

    • Justin Matthews

      Don’t be such a bitch….at least someone is making gay movies in hollywood….

  • Jimmy Green


  • Jon A

    So how much sex is this film going to have?

    I can honestly say I have NO interest in the plot.
    Garett Clayton is hot, the guy from Pretty Little Liars is kinda hot, 2016 James Franco has his moments, bring on the flesh.

  • McM.

    I’ll stick to actual porn, thank you.

    • Xzamilloh

      Exactly. And Christian Slater? No thanks… maybe if he was gay in Interview with a Vampire. I wish they were ALL gay in that movie

    • Get_Loud2

      that’s the coment I want looking for !

  • sxg

    “The casting of Garrett Clayton as Brent Corrigan appears to be spot on”

    So Garrett is also a super thirsty attention whore who will crawl out from under rocks to say and/or do something controversial when he’s not being talked about?

  • iHeartJames

    James Franco has an obsession with gay culture but IDC i’ll still suck his and his brother’s dick back to back, take about 10 loads 5 from each and let them fist me without lubricate they’re sexy AF

  • V1

    The actor playing Brent is far more muscular than Brent was at the time. (Remember, he was underage in his earliest stuff.) They’re playing it safe by casting someone who looks like they’re 25 and spends lots of time at the gym.

    Part of Brent’s real story and the questions it raises is about these young guys getting into a business that they’re not ready to handle. By making him look older (Garrett Clayton was born in 1991), it lessens the impact.

    • OneOfTheManyChris

      During the VHS era a lot of people made a lot of money because it was hard to produce and distribute porn without a huge upfront investment and infrastructure. When the DVD era hit, it became possible for guys like Kocis to fill a niche. And his niche was underage. He used other underage models, and he was arrested for sleeping with a 16 year old (he pled to a lesser charge because he claimed he thought he was 18). The overall amount of porn was similar, but the count of videos available jumped.

      The irony of all these guys saying Garrett Clayton is hotter than Brent is that Garrett would have done just fine in the VHS era, but he’d have been one among many. Brent would have been dismissed because he looked underage. But in the DVD era, Brent outsold all those 25 year old hotties by a mile.

    • kevin

      I agree. Since there’s no frank sex in this movie, they should have considered casting an actual seventeen year-old, or at least an eighteen-pass-for-sixteen.

      • Hereweare

        Totally agree. I mean, if you’re going to do it, why not drive the main point home? Having a guy that looks 25 takes the “ick” factor out of it.

  • Marik Ishtar

    I only became interested in this movie when I saw Molly Ringwald show up. I still love her but she needs to pick better movies.

  • Andrew S.

    Surprised at how well put together this trailer was edited – snaps to that person – and it makes me semi-curious to see it. I’m still not here for Brent ‘Queer is our N-word’ Corrigan but I can’t deny that this looks, at the very least, interesting.

  • Andrew Simpson

    This movie actually looks interesting BUT disappointed James Franco STILL refuses to come out of the closet. No way is Franco heterosexual. On Youtube already 730 people gave the movie dislikes so homophobia still a huge problem. I will say nice to see Christian Slater in a gay role. The supporting cast of Alicia Silverstone and Molly Ringwald looks interesting to me. This movie looks good it actually might be the FIRST James Franco film with potential to make money. This man knows gay porn VERY WELL! Come on James just come out as BISEXUAL at least LOL! I have an extremely hard time believing a straight man would be so invested in gay male sex. Franco has made too many gay films to deny his sexuality now. He is such a COWARD!

    • Sean

      So if he does gay roles, he is a closeted homosexual? It seems to me it is YOU who has the issue. Maybe an INTELLIGENT actor finds gay culture liberating. It makes him push boundries that str8 roles can’t? The fact is Franco has been n MANY str8 roles as well, but you only think of the gay ones since YOU are obsessed with the gay culture. I guess 3 Spiderman movies and , Green Hornet makes Franco obsessed with comic book culture too?
      YOU are not the one he has to convince of ANYTHING. The best thing about Franco is he doesnt give a fuck what YOU think of his sexuality. If you cant deal with that, it is YOUR issue.

  • jon
  • Zealot

    I can’t exactly explain why, but when you mention Brent Corrigan in this milieu, I can’t help but think of that old adage: Don’t try to teach an old dog new tricks. It only wastes your time and annoys the dog.

    But I’m not sure if Brent is the old dog and I am the trainer, or the audience is the dog and James Franco is the trainer; or if Brent is the dog and the trainer and we are just the fleas. Every time I try to figure it out, I just want to scream “Leave Brittany Alone”. I think it must somehow all be connected. Or did I dream that?

    And to further complicate things. I’ve attached a snap of the last new trick I learned. This is my sister being super encouraging. I’m so fortunate to have such a supportive family unit. P.S. I promptly broke my arm, so I’ve given up skateboarding for at-home cold nuclear fission experiments.

  • gnormie

    To me the guy playing Brent Corrigan is way hotter than the actual Brent Corrigan.

    • kevin

      I agree, but would add that he looks like he’s in his twenties, not seventeen.

      • gnormie

        He looks better than adult Brent.

  • The Anchor

    ..might have to check this out. MIGHT.

  • bloody mary

    Whatever, ladies. I am PERCHED and ret to watch this.

  • Dale Bergman

    I’m sure Garrett Clayton will be convincing in the role…

    I definitely want to see this movie because of Christian Slater. I’ve liked him since “Heathers”.

    • sanfv

      That’s gayer than gay porn these days… I don’t know how to feel about what I just saw and said.

      These are dark, and trying times.

      • Dale Bergman
        • Kandel

          The second hand embarrassment was real that episode.

          • Scrapple

            Almost as embarrassing as when Noah came for Colton Haynes and ABC had to do damage control.

          • Maximus


            Somebody had the AUDACITY to come for MY man???!!! Who is this filthy disease-ridden strumpet named Noah, and where is the street corner on which she peddles her whore cakes???!!!


          • Scrapple

            You missed that mild shitstorm? Her show almost got canceled because of that bit of recklessness. Had bitches scrambling all over the place doing damage control.

          • Maximus

            OH! I do remember that! I just couldn’t recall the name of the actor who had been mouthing off. All right, no need to report to battle stations then.

          • sxg

            The one I feel bad the most in all of this is Dan Savage. The show is loosely based on his life and it already received widespread uproar from the crazy Christians. It was originally supposed to begin last fall but they pushed it back to this past May and redid some of the episodes.

            Now even some of the show’s supporters might be turned away because of some stupidass theater queen who is jealous she can’t hide her femininity had to be an utter mess in an interview.

          • Scrapple

            The whole thing was so unnecessary. I get what he was talking about, but he just came off salty and bitter. You do an interview like that when you have a little more pull or name recognition. Don’t talk smack about someone who as waaaaay more fans and star power than you. It’s common sense.

    • emercycrite

      So. Much. Twirling.

    • lordgabux

      that first GIF remind me of Carter Dane and Ashton Summer right before Ashton fucked the living daylights our Dane, hahahahaha Oh you ballet boys and your nimble bodies…

      • Scrapple

        Lol. I’m loving Ashton as a top for that very reason.

    • goosegui
  • Andrew Simpson

    The real Brent Corrigan is just not handsome to be honest I saw the guy on the Davey Wavey youtube in an interview. He sounds so effeminate and so not sexy. The actor playing Brent is this movie is gorgeous though.

    • OneOfTheManyChris

      Nobody likes everybody and everybody likes nobody. But there’s a reason Brent was the biggest selling gay porn star of all time. Depends on how you measure, I know, but at least he’s in the running.

  • WhimsyCotton

    They dragged poor Molly Ringwald into this didn’t they?

    Someone needs check James Franco for his unhealthy obsession with gay men and gay sex. It can’t be healthy for a straight man to think about gay sex so damn much. If he somehow is gay and, somehow, still in the closet he needs to sit on a few dicks and get his thirst quenched.

    • Dale Bergman

      Molly Ringwald definitely has her work cut out for her in “Terms of Endearment”. She’s going to play Aurora Greenway in the upcoming play version. Shirely MacLaine’s Oscar-winning performance (one of the most well-deserved winning performances) in the film adaptation is truly superb. Comparisons are inevitable.

      • Hereweare

        Wow. I didn’t know that. I REALLY love Molly, but yeah, that seems suicidal. Who’s playing the Debra Winger role?

        • Dale Bergman

          The other cast members haven’t been announced. Debra Winger’s performance is untouchable as well (the greatest, saddest death bed scene ever). I really like Molly but she has made some unwise career decisions (including turning down the blockbuster “Ghost”).

          • Hereweare

            Yes, “Ghost” was not a good decision. I also remember hearing years ago that she was originally considered for the (then unknown) Julia Roberts role in “Steel Magnolias”, but had an asking price higher than the others (Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine), so they decided to go with Roberts, not knowing that the next year “Pretty Woman” would happen.

  • Caesarimp

    So, this actually looks pretty fun?

  • lordgabux

    In all honesty, I’d watch anything with Clayton showing his body. Hope that kid is of age because he gives me reaaaaallllyyyyy bad thoughts hahahahhahaha.
    I mean, I watched two Disney’s Beach Movies for Yoda’s sake.

  • BlogZilla

    James Franco definitely has some gay in him. Why not just cast the real Brent Corrigan? I don’t understand

    • R.A.M.J

      He didn’t want to any involvement in the movie. Honestly, after having lived it, would you want to relieve?

      • BlogZilla

        The only thing I would have been horrified with is the heinous way my associates killed my producer. But l can understand him wanting to disassociate himself with that negative energy. It’s the reason Tina Turner didnt want to star in her own biography. She said,”I dont need to see the movie, I lived every horrifying moment in real life.”

  • Odetofear

    who says, “selling like hot cakes?”

    • Scrapple

      Future McDonald’s cashier, Vadim Black?

  • Maximillian

    I have no interest in this considering its dark and tragic nature .

    I also have even less interest after seeing Garrett Claytons comments about gay sex the typical macho overcompensating,insecurities,and gay panic responses .

    He’s not even close to being gay friendly just another uneducated youth who hasn’t mentally evolved or progressed regarding the concept that straight sex isn’t the only sex that exists in this world.

    He should take a page out of two other Disney stars books Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas two who actually are educated,genuinely empathetic,and genuinely supportive of LGBT Americans and our rights,liberties,and dignities as Americans much less as equal human beings.

    • a b

      Wait, what did Clayton said about gay sex?

  • FooFight
  • goosegui