Here’s The Hardcore Trailer For Kurtis Wolfe And Austin Wolf’s Bottoming Debuts

Posted November 26, 2014 by with 9 comments

kurtis wolfe austin wolf

This has been teased all week, and now, in case you need even more teasing, we have a hardcore trailer and more penetration shots of Kurtis Wolfe and Austin Wolf both losing their anal virginity (on camera, at least!).


If you’re all teased out, you can go ahead and watch Austin Wolf and Kurtis Wolfe take turns fucking each other right now, as the scene just went live.


So, the big question: Who’s a better bottom? IMHO, they both seemed to enjoy taking dick, but Kurtis Wolfe seemed to enjoy it just a little bit more than Austin Wolf. Maybe he’s a secret powerbottom in the making?

IMG_4779_editedHardcore trailer via Randy Blue (watch full scene here), and be sure to watch till the end when they eat cum together!

[Randy Blue: Austin Wolf & Kurtis Wolfe Flip-Fuck]


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