Kyle Ross Apologizes For Mexican Vacation GoFundMe: “I Hope Y’All Can Forgive Me”

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2015’s reigning Twink Supreme and one of Helix Studios’ most skilled powerbottoms Kyle Ross has taken unprecedented action following the backlash over a GoFundMe account he launched last week. In short: He’s deleted the campaign and refunded everyone’s money.

On Kyle’s website, he explains why he launched the campaign to fund a Mexican vacation for himself and his boyfriend Max Carter in the first place, why some porn stars rely on fans’ donations/gifts, and what ultimately made him decide to pull down the GoFundMe:

I seem to have experienced a lapse in judgement when making a GoFundMe campaign for a trip to Cabo earlier this week. […]

Scenes do pay well, but it’s more than the scenes that we sell, once you get into the community your whole life is on display for review, jerking off, and critique … The rest is up to us. I am only 21 guys and admit I made a mistake.

Cut me some slack! … I work full time at the Helix office and I am earning my business degree from San Diego State University. I get caught up in things and don’t always think them through.

He even offers a sincere apology:

We need a break sometimes to rebuild our spirit and passion so we can put more back into our scenes and GoFundMe is not appropriate for this. I apologize for this bad judgement call. The people who did contribute have been refunded but will still receive exclusive nudes from the trip because they believed in us, even when this wasn’t the best idea.

I hope y’all can forgive me.

Kyle Ross also fires back at some of his critics directly, including Jake Bass:

There is so much shit flying on Jake Bass’ twitter, it makes one truly wonder which hole it’s actually coming out of.

Read Kyle’s entire response here.


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