WATCH: Evan Parker, Kyle Ross, Max Carter, And More In Helix’s Lifeguards

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Lifeguards: Summer Session looks like it’ll be Helix’s big production of 2016, and based on the A-list cast and gorgeously-shot footage in the trailer below, it’ll easily be a contender for Best Movie on the awards circuit next year.


Lifeguards: Summer Session stars real-life couples Kyle Ross & Max Carter, and Evan Parker & Tyler Hill. Plus, scorching hot newcomers Josh Brady, Joey Mills, and Sean Ford. Noah White and Blake Mitchell are also featured.


There’s one name noticeably absent from the cast: Justin Owen. He’s one of Helix’s very best performers, so this is a slight disappointment. Sean Ford makes up for it, though…


Lifeguards: Summer Session should be out later this month, with a hardcore trailer coming to Helix Studios in the coming days. Softcore trailer:

[Helix: Lifeguards]

  • sxg
  • Maximus

    “Lifeguards”? More like “Middle School Gym Class.”

  • Xzamilloh

    It’s “Baywatch on a Budget” Don’t think I’ll be watching this one

    • V1

      So it’s a parody even before the big screen movie comes out next year starring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. Now if Zac did a porno, that I’d pay to see…

  • R.A.M.J

    I feel pervy. They all look 15-16 years old. LOL. Cute though. looking at the trailer I would have thought this was a new show on logo, not a porno.
    Since I don’t know much about these studios, is Helix one of the better one’s?

    • SuperSophisticatedOne

      When it comes to twink porn, yeah Helix is probably one of the best, if not the best. They’re fairly consistent, which keeps me a happy fan

  • John McKee

    I know all my rescue fantasies involve being rescued by a tiny (but technically legal) child bringing my unconscious body back to life with forcible mouth to mouth.

    Oh honey no, what kind of pervert gets off to this?

  • Zealot

    La da da de dah dah, la da da de daaaaaaa, la da da de dah dah, da dee dee dee dahhhhhh (hum to the tune of “Chariots of Fire”)

    • Xzamilloh

      Glad I read the end because I was humming this

      • sxg

        Ah 90s Eurodance nostalgia 2 days in a row!

        Was in a park yesterday that had a cafe/restaurant in the middle of it and they were blasting all sorts of Eurodance cheese from the likes of Vengaboys, Darude, Snap! and others.

      • Dazzer

        If you want to get irritating music out of your head, the best way to do it is to chew gum. Sounds stupid, but I think it works. It’s got something to do about the chewing process disrupting the beat of the music.

    • kkdd1

      Helix BOYS make the chariot guys look like the United States olympic weightlifting team LOL

  • Pertinax

    Oh ! To die surrounded by lifeguards doing mouth resuscitation….

  • sanfv

    They weight like 50 pounds. They’ll be carried off by a small wave, or an albatross.

    Twinks + the ocean = not a good combo.

    • sxg

      lol where the fuck is this from???

      • sanfv

        Tim and Eric show on adult swim

  • Scrapple

    Just keep treading water, Meredith! Boystown is coming to the rescue! Meredith?

    Wouldn’t their time be better served studying for the PSATs?

  • edginghours

    It’s sad Justin Owen wasn’t available. He could have played one of their fathers.

  • Marcus Collack

    Um….. Now unless this is like Disney’s “In a heartbeat,” this doesn’t really WORK for me. It’s not I don’t find them believable…it’s just I don’t find them….believable. Knowhutlmean Vern?

  • kkdd1

    Shouldn’t lifeguards have muscles ?

  • Futanari-Kisaragi Yagami

    I’m just here for Kyle.

    As for everything else:

  • Stacy

    Is this going to be an all-at-once release of like ONE ERECTION in which it is drawn out over years? I mean they filmed ONE ERECTION last October and only two scenes have been released!

  • S .

    Looks like they didn’t spend anything on catering for the production.

  • Dave

    God, avoid swimming at this beach. At least Justin would have added some “beef” to the cast. These twinks will be carried away by a gust of wind…

  • Buzzaki

    Wish I was born clever. But I just don’t have gif. Sigh.

  • Not pictured, Nica chasing them down the beach.

  • Chi Chi LaRue

    OK, that looks fucking amazing!

  • SuperSophisticatedOne

    I don’t mind twink porn at all. When I first started getting into porn, it was Helix and Cobra Video (especially) that got me into twinks. Yeah, they might look really young, and I get how that can throw a lot of guys off, but they’re men of legal age, just like all the rest of us. All of us aren’t gonna look the same, and we’re not gonna be into the same type of men, so who are we to knock what others get into??

    Helix is fairly consistent with their scenes, so I have much respect for them as a studio. This looks like it might be pretty good, but I dunno about “Best Movie” type of good. I can only really say AFTER I see the actual movie.

  • nick

    Lol – was imagining them running down the beach screaming and being pursued by “a really big seagull” a la Tippi Hedren

  • whitetiger

    Does anyone know the order of the 4 scenes? I’m guessing the big orgy scene is 4 but it’s only a guess. I can’t tell the sequence by storyline from the other 3 scenes…