L.A. County “Strongly Recommends” Masking As COVID Infects, Disables, And Kills More And More

Posted November 18, 2022 by with 2 comments

[Image of someone incorrectly wearing a mask via Men.com, not the L.A. County Health Department.]

A pointless mask recommendation from L.A. County will of course do nothing, but a pointless mask “mandate” wouldn’t do anything either, as no one ever really adhered to the mandates before, no one cares about being infected with a deadly virus, and no one cares if they spread that virus to the most vulnerable members of society. Via ABC:

Los Angeles County is advising residents to wear masks indoors amid an increase in COVID-19 transmission.

On Thursday, the largest county in the United States said it is “strongly recommending” people wear face coverings in indoor public settings but stopped short of requiring them.

Under an updated response plan released this week, the county said it would issue the recommendations if the COVID-19 case rate hit 100 per 100,000 residents, which it did Thursday, up from 86 per 100,000 one week ago.

“Now, it is strongly recommended that all individuals wear a high-quality mask that fits well in the following settings: in public indoor spaces; when using public transit, including buses, ride-shares, taxis and medical transport; correctional and detention facilities; and homeless and emergency shelters,” county Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis said during a media briefing.


The maskless—vaccinated or not—get COVID every day, of course, and while they may think their illnesses are “mild,” many end up hospitalized, disabled, or dead due to their infection weeks or months later, just like NBC weatherman Al Roker did recently. Roker claimed to have recovered from a “mild” COVID infection in October, and yet, he’s now hospitalized with multiple blood clots in his lungs. Roker isn’t acknowledging that his clots could’ve been caused by COVID, and good luck finding a single mainstream news article mentioning that he had COVID one month ago. After all, COVID is over! We have a failed American economy to support.

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