L.A. Homeless Man Arrested For Nearly Killing Dog With Brutal Kick To The Head

Posted June 19, 2023 by with 2 comments

This was near the Venice boardwalk, one of the most dangerous and decrepit places in California, if not all of the United States. I was surprised they actually showed the act of violence in the video below (would they have censored it if he was kicking a person and not an animal?), so it’s best to avert your eyes. It lasts for a second and they show it once at :36, and then again at :51 (and then again at 1:21, jesus!) in this report:

I won’t publish what I would do to this individual if I were there when this happened, and the only reason I’m posting this news is to share the GoFundMe for the dog, which has raised enough to pay the vet for the next week of hospitalization. The owner still needs a lot more though, as the dog will require treatment and care in the weeks and months to come. An update from the GoFundMe:

It’s costing $1,500 per day just to keep the dog in the hospital, and you would think that VCA—a chain of vets with more than 1,000 hospitals nationwide—could give the owner a substantial discount given that their clinic has now received free publicity and media attention, and this is obviously an extreme situation completely out of the owner’s control. Of course, VCA is a for-profit corporation, so we shouldn’t expect them to do anything compassionate or kind. The GoFundMe is here.

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