Lawyer Tells Supreme Court That Donald Trump Would Be Allowed To Assassinate Hillary Clinton

Posted April 25, 2024 by with 7 comments

Trump’s bogus “presidential immunity” case is before the Supreme Court today, and while this is yet another tactic to delay his upcoming federal trial in Washington D.C. for attempting to overturn the 2020 election, it is an eye-opening event that reveals just how psychotic Trump and his lawyers are. In the clip above, you’ll hear lawyer John Sauer say that Trump staging a coup to prevent having to leave office after losing an election would be allowed as an “official act.” And in the clip below from today’s argument, you’ll hear Sauer tell Justice Sotomayor that Trump would also be allowed to murder Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, or any of his political rivals because it would be done again as an “official act” of his presidency.

There’s a detailed summary of all the arguments today here, and while it appeared that the conservative justices favored some level of immunity for presidents while in office, they also signaled that this case might just be handed back down to the lower courts to perform more analysis. In other words: More delay, delay, delay. When/if Trump is elected in November, all of his federal charges will of course be immediately thrown out, so all of this will have been a complete waste of time.

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