Leaked Footage Shows Tucker Carlson Slamming Fox’s Streaming Service: “Nobody Watches Fox Nation…The Site Sucks!”

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Via MediaMatters:

Tucker Carlson headlined Fox News’ Fox Nation streaming service in the years leading up to his sudden firing from the network. But a behind-the-scenes video obtained by Media Matters shows him lashing out at Fox for the service’s “unbelievable” failings — apparently while doing some image rehab for misogynistic social media influencer Andrew Tate.

The video shows Carlson speaking on the phone on the set of his Tucker Carlson Today streaming interview show. He is discussing preparations for an interview in which he says he will act as “a representative of the American media now, speaking to an exile in Romania and welcoming him back into the brotherhood of journalists.”


Here’s the leaked footage of the now fired white supremacist as he prepared for the interview with Tate, who’s currently under house arrest while being investigated for rape and human trafficking in Romania:

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