Leave This Horrific Country Right Now, If You Can

Posted November 9, 2016 by with 135 comments

madmax2We’ll return to regular gay porn news and releases later today (which will be a welcome distraction, believe me), but first, one last quick note on the results of last night’s disastrous election.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Hillary Clinton (and I never was, but I still wanted her to win), the full blown horror that so many deranged bigots got their way last night might be the most terrifying event of our generation. It shows what a disgusting place America truly is—which, of course, many of us already knew, to some degree.

As it was when it was founded and as it was built, we now know for sure that America is still a country full of hateful racists, arrogant bigots, deranged religious people who seek to impose their beliefs on you, and most of all, just plain insane idiots. We suffered (some of us a lot more than others) during eight years of George W. Bush and eight even worse years of Ronald Reagan. I think the next four years will actually be infinitely worse than all 16 of those combined.

America is now on a clear and direct path to complete destruction. Maybe it’s what this awful country deserves, actually, given its unforgivable history of how it was founded, how it has treated its own citizens, and how it has killed millions of other innocent people around the globe.

Despite having control of congress for at least two years, I think Trump (and by extension, America in general) will ultimately fail at everything he tries to do—economically, socially, and globally. Those failures (where quite literally nothing is done in this country) will only make this place worse. And all of Trump’s failures—which he’ll of course blame on someone else (maybe the media, maybe congress)—will make the monsters who support him even more crazy and more violent, and this country will fall deeper into total hell.

Leave this country now, if you can. Good luck.

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