Internet Panhandler Levi Michaels Encounters Freddie Gray Protest In NYC, Thinks It’s “Some Type Of Parade”

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Internet panhandler Levi Michaels may have raised over $16,000 to explore the world, but don’t bother asking him what’s going on in his own country, let alone right outside his own door. I guess it’s hard to keep up on current events when you’re recording yourself opening up Amazon Wish List gifts all day long?

Here’s the former gay porn star turned “internet celebrity” cluelessly stumbling upon a protest against the police murder of unarmed Baltimore man Freddie Gray, calling it “some type of parade of sorts.” Hope it didn’t make him late to his workout.

  • Nickolas

    This butterface would.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Zach, he is NOT a panhandler, he is an amateur anthropologist minus the degree. He’s going to teach us things about Machu Pichu that aren’t already covered in countless books, specials, movies, and on the internet. What could possibly possess you to think he merely wants an excuse to travel to South America?

    Also, I’m confused as to the relevancy of mentioning Freddie Gray being unarmed. Wasn’t he killed while on the back of a transport vehicle? Of course he would be unarmed in that case. Though he was “armed” when they stopped him since I believe spring knives count.

    • synnerman

      The knife was not brandished, or used. It was found in a pocket. Still did not contribute to the “magical” spine severing.

    • zach

      Relevant because the protest–like all of the protests around the country–have spoken to the larger issue of police murdering unarmed citizens.

      (And btw that knife he had, which police took from him, was perfectly legal to carry in Maryland.)

    • yeah yeah

      You should educate yourself on the available facts of the case before posting misinformation.

      • WhimsyCotton

        I did not state he was doing something illegal, so I was not spreading misinformation. Hell, I was specifically asking for details to understand the case further.

  • Dear Levi and countless other “internet celebrities”….like Davey Wavey

  • Alan Keddie

    Wait? What? ‘Former’?

    • La Bambi

      Why would he do the work of making scenes when people will give him thousands of dollars just for asking for it.

  • DPS

    That was the most painful 8 minutes and forty eight seconds of my life. Sadly, I can’t unwatch it. He is a clueless pile of pigeon droppings in The Big Apple.

  • Ayda

    Hey Levi like the Arabian proverb say “Only open your mouth if what you are about to say is more beautiful than silence”

  • sxg

    And he wonders why he has haters. UT should be embarrassed about this mess.

  • Diesel Washington

    My face every time I see another Self absorbed/Self important white twink porn model getting on YouTube asking for money/Talking about themselves….

    It’s like the norm now…

  • Diogenes Veritas

    vapid, party of one. vapid, party. of. one.

  • Levi is one of the biggest disgraces to ever come from porn, it disgusts me so many stupid people give this whore money. HE BOUGHT NEW BOOKS WITH YOUR MONEY!

    • DPS

      Meanwhile, there is a worthy charity in these peoples community that would love to have the $ just to stay afloat. Sickening.

  • B.

    Bought books? He can read?

    • Taylor

      It’s just for the pretty pictures inside. 😉

  • Todd

    Poor doofus …. he needs to get out more ………. OH WAIT !!
    I LIVE for every time you call him (and others) INTERNET PANHANDLERS …. you know it pisses them off ….. Bravo !!!

    • seeyou

      the panhandler reference is brilliant ! go zach !

      • DPS

        I think it was me who introduced the term internet/e panhandler to this blog (and other blogs) and I am thrilled Zach is using it regardless of where the credit goes. Still, thanks for liking the term too! 🙂

  • seeyou

    anyone who goes to the gym twice a day (who has the time?), thinks protests are a parade (lol), does face masks while vlogging and walks around talking about himself with a selfie stick in the east village is hilarious – it’s got to be a parody!

  • DrunkEnough

    He’s such a bad person that not only does he not give me an boner, but he actually he makes my penis fold in on itself and go INTO my body. I look like a Barbie doll right now. It’s Levi Michaels’ fault. Fuck you, Levi Michaels.

    • Ayda

      You make laugh so hard right now lol I also don’t give a shit about him as a porn actor either

    • DPS

      Exactly! I felt a turtle like feeling down there watching this. This was actually the first vlog I have seen of him and no question the last. My flesh is still crawling.

    • Taylor

      Yup. Levi Michaels has caused more than one Penis Innie. There needs to be a support group for us and an intervention for him.

  • Scrapple

    “I lift books up and put them down.”

  • seeyou

    bottom line levi is off to machu picchu and I’m heading to 2nd ave for a tacos – so i mean…who am i to say really?

  • B.

    He knows what books are? He can read??!!!

  • Mike Julius

    Ouch. I mean, damn. But you paint a vapid, self-absorbed portrait that I find extremely accurate, Zach.

  • CBW

    I usually find these idiotic porn ‘stars’ good for a laugh but this actually annoyed me. Not just this vapid, self-absorbed little fuckface but the desperate cretins who fund his lifestyle. This is really just grotesque.

  • GN

    Didnt the Turks just call one of our ambassadors a stupid blonde? Replace her with Levi, give ’em a reason…..

  • Robert

    When he figures out it’s not a parade he continues to smile… because black men being murdered is funny?!

  • pangelboy

    >Here’s the former gay porn star turned *“internet celebrity”*

  • Casey Scott

    Ha I’ll never forget when he posted on FB that he was moving to NYC and wanted suggestions for neighborhoods. I suggested Astoria in Queens because it’s affordable and close to Manhattan and he and his partner were disgusted at the thought of living over the bridge and not in Manhattan. I imagine he can just GoFundMe for his rent these days.

  • Paul Hobb

    Levi Michaels is your basic internet panhandler/sociopath who bamboozles money and gifts from horny shut-ins to fuel a vlogging “career” that consists of endless scenes of him getting coffee, walking to the gym and saying how “totally” starving he is. Yup, about as riveting as watching water boil.

    He features himself to be an artist when his creative cred begins and ends with occasionally taking it up the ass (with all the vigor of a malaria victim) for CockyBoys and collecting soggy dollar bills as a go go dancer at some worn out NYC club.

    No doubt about it, the next stop for this douchebag is escort-ville.