Levi Michaels Is A Hot Daddy Now?

Posted January 20, 2014 by with 9 comments

leviOK, “daddy” is probably a stretch, but…god DAMN!

No offense, but twunk/jock/hunk Levi Michaels was pretty unremarkable during his Randy Blue days. And now? Holy shit:

BecjgwyCUAA5UAi.jpg_large[via CoolTomPix]

For comparison: On the left, Levi Michaels last year. On the right, Levi Michaels today as a new CockyBoys exclusive. The other CockyBoys models are undoubtedly already bickering over who gets to fuck him first.liev22[Randy Blue: Levi Michaels]

  • sxg

    Twunk is being generous. He was a definite a twink with some body hair when he was at RB. Age, more body hair and a bit more meat on his bones have definitely made him way hotter!

    • NG212

      Agree. He looks really good. I don’t recall seeing any of his hardcore scenes. Hopefully he’s a good performer. It’d be nice if they pair him with the superstars like Colby, Gabriel, et al.

  • robirob

    In the Randy Blue pic he looks like a preppy college jock or student. With the facial hair in the Cockyboys picture he looks more edgy.

  • Aramis

    Kinda ” The Uggly Duckling “.

  • Marko

    Amaaazing how much hotter a bit of fuzz makes him. The most eye-catching man at the ball this year.

  • Jordi Lim33

    Yeah the GORGEOUS Gabriel Clark absolutely is good to pair with him. I don’t find him attractive coz not into blond guys. But this straight porn actor Levi Cash is defenitely handsome. Sad he’s not gay.

  • JoshChicago

    Like kevin williams and tory mason; twinks of the past who became today’s hot twunks, levi is looking really fine.

  • Ale Lisboa

    first time I see him. he is gorgeous!

  • Viva La Bambi

    The miracle of hair, it turns boys into men.