Exclusive Sneak Peek: Levi Karter Breaks In Liam Riley

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Liam Riley’s first scene as a CockyBoys exclusive goes live late tonight, and here’s your first look at his duo with Levi Karter. It’s CockyBoys’ contribution to this year’s seemingly endless glut of Halloween porn (the studio that made The Haunting isn’t about to sit out the holiday), and it’s called “Meeting Liam.

unaaanamedI’ve got no clue what this is about, as CockyBoys is keeping details secret until the scene goes up tonight at midnight. It’s the first part of a 4-part series, and the one thing I have been told is that while this first part has a Halloween theme, the other three parts coming out later this year do not (thank God).

unaanamedIn this first part, Levi Karter tops Liam Riley, which is ironic considering Levi just won Str8Up’s poll as the Best Bottom in Gay Porn.

unnaaamedunzzznamedWhat to expect from the forthcoming parts of this series?

More Liam, more Levi, and the addition of Ricky Roman and Tayte Hanson:

unnamaed unanamed unnzamed

Trailer, full feature, and more coming at midnight tonight.

[CockyBoys: Meeting Liam]


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