Liam Riley Donating All Fleshjack Royalties In April To Coronavirus Charity Benefiting The Homeless

Posted April 3, 2020 by with 3 comments

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to surge across the United States, many of the most vulnerable victims will be homeless Americans, and while state and local governments scramble to assist those in need, there’s a way for you to help, too, thanks to performer Liam Riley and the CultForGood project, which was launched by social media star Elijah Daniel last month.

Donations to CultForGood will go towards helping the massive homeless population in Los Angeles with food, hygiene products, and other essential supplies, and Liam Riley has announced that he will donate 100% of the royalties he makes from sales of his Fleshjack products for the entire month of April to CultForGood. Making a purchase (get all the Liam Riley Fleshjack products here) is a win-win for everyone—you get to fuck a Liam Riley Fleshjack while you’re at home in quarantine for the next four (eight? twelve?) weeks, and you’ll also be helping the homeless at the same time—and Riley is grateful that he’s able to contribute during such an unprecedented time. He issued the below statement about his donations:

I’ve been very fortunate in my life to have the help of many great people around me, and now it’s my turn to pay it forward. It is important now more than ever that we stand together as a society and help those in need, which is why I decided to reach out to Fleshjack in helping me achieve this goal. In 2017, we did something similar, donating my royalties to Hurricane Harvey Relief, and I thought what a perfect opportunity to do it again.

I saw many people in the adult industry—like FSC, AVN, and Pornhub—using their influence to help those in need, and I also saw performers doing what they can. Inspired by “Cult For Good Project” and with the support of the Fleshjack team, we were able to make this happen. I’m happy to do my part even if it’s in the smallest way. We the people right now have the power to make the future a better tomorrow.

Str8Up also asked Liam Riley how he’s handling the quarantine and what’s been going through his mind over the last few weeks.

“It’s hard not to feel sad and depressed during my quarantine,” he said. “I tried to change the way that I see this whole experience. I see light at the end of all of it. I want to be ready for when it comes, and I want to come out as a better person.”

In terms of what he’s been doing to pass the time, Riley is still in school (classes are being conducted online), and he’s trying to stay positive as he’s in quarantine with family.

“To pass the day, I’ve tried to fill it with positivity, being creative, and active at home. I’m trying to work as much as I can, and I’m currently in school for communications and PR. I also am trying to do more YouTube. I’ve found this world of enjoyment and escape from reality. I love beauty and influence and I miss being in front of the camera, like when I used to model.” (Liam Riley performed at Helix Studios and CockyBoys from 2014 through 2018.)

With regard to his YouTube, Riley just uploaded the video below (it’s an unboxing video featuring a variety of products, and he’s also giving away free Fleshjacks), and he’s hopeful that fans subscribe to his channel, as he’ll be uploading a lot more in the weeks ahead. And again, purchase the Liam Riley Fleshjacks here throughout April so all the royalties can be donated to CultForGood.

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