Lionsgate To Reboot Leprechaun Franchise

Posted June 9, 2023 by with 8 comments

Hollywood is dead, part 979747683. Via Hollywood Reporter:

Leprechaun, the longest-running franchise in Lionsgate history, will get a fresh start as the studio reimagines the horror title for a new generation of moviegoers.

Felipe Vargas, helmer of the award-wining short film Milk Teeth, will direct the new feature project that has a script by Mike Van Waes, who worked on the live-action Lilo & Stitch movie that is now in production.

Roy Lee, one of the Hollywood’s horror lynchpins whose credits include Barbarian and the It movies, will produce via his banner Vertigo Entertainment. The company’s Miri Yoon will also produce.

“Thirty years after its debut, this franchise still casts a spell, and we’re thrilled to be bringing it back with a new vision,” Erin Westerman, president of production for Lionsgate’s Motion Picture Group, said in a statement.


That quote…good lord. As I often say, Hollywood is full of the most delusional people on earth.

The first Leprechaun was subpar horror and only slightly memorable now because it starred a then-unknown Jenifer Aniston. The sequels (which no one saw) tried to be campy, but failed miserably and went direct-to-video, or worse, direct to Syfy. The reboot will bomb, as most everything does these days. Lionsgate might as well flush a couple million dollars down the toilet.

Trailer for the first one:

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