Louisiana Man Who Posed As Special Needs Patient So He Could Hire Babysitters To Change His Diapers Charged With Human Trafficking

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Well, there’s a headline I never expected to write. 2021, got anything else for us? Still a couple days left…


A Louisiana man was arrested and charged with human trafficking after police say he allegedly posed as a young man with special needs, and then hired babysitters to change his diaper and treat him like a child.

Rutledge Deas IV, 31, of Metairie was arrested Thursday following an investigation into some text messages he allegedly sent to scam victims. In the message, Deas indicated that he was engaged in ‘alternative therapy’ and offered to pay the victim to change his diapers, according to state police.

Following a warrant, Deas was located at his home in Metairie and placed under arrest. He was booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center on one charge of human trafficking and attempted human trafficking. Police also charged him with four counts of probation violation.

Creepiness aside, who has the time (and the money) to try and pull something like this off? And during a pandemic?

[CBS: Louisiana man who hired babysitters to change his diaper and treat him like a child, charged with human trafficking]

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